The NINE Most Important Details About Avengers Campus Coming to Disney California Adventure!

At the recent D23 Expo chairman of Parks, Experiences, and Products, Bob Chapek, spilled even more deets about the new Marvel-themed expansion coming soon to Disney California Adventure Park. But just in case you slept on the news (there was a lot to digest, so it’s understandable!), here’s everything you need to know about the Avengers Campus– so far!

Avengers Campus exhibit at the D23 EXPO 2019 (The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA)

Coming in 2020The Avengers have seen that there’s a need for more heroes in the world, which is why they’ll be recruiting YOU with their new facility! But you’ll have to wait until next year to sling some spider webs and catch a few selfies with the Black Widow! No date has been announced yet on just exactly when in 2020 you can expect to meet all your favorite superheroes in the flesh, so you’ll have to wait a little while longer before booking your trip to Avengers Campus!

Avengers Campus Concept Art ©Disney

Avengers Campus Will Open in Two Phases

We’re sensing a theme here… or maybe that’s just our Spidey senses tingling in anticipation! Either way, much like Disney did with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the Marvel-themed expansion will open in two stages, with one major attraction being held until the phase two opening.

Marvel-Themed Land in Disney California Adventure Concept Art ©Disney

Phase One:  What to Expect

Whew! Much to our relief, we can surmise that most of Avengers Campus will be operational during its initial opening phase. What will there be to see and do? Glad you asked!

Avengers Campus Concept Art ©Disney

Spider-Man Attraction

You are cordially invited to attend an open house at the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, aka WEB (get it?!). But watch out! Some Spider-Bots have crashed the party and are wreaking havoc throughout the laboratories! If this sounds like a perfectly good excuse to test out some of WEB’s latest crime-fighting technology… it is! Board your Web-Slinger vehicle on this new Spiderman ride-through attraction and start wranglin’ up some bots!

Avengers Campus Concept Art ©Disney

Ant-Man and The Wasp-Themed Restaurant

From the world of Ant-Man, The Pym Test Kitchens Restaurant will be an eatery featuring growing and shrinking food! Afterall, Pym Particles are the technology behind Ant Man’s ability to make himself expand and contract! 

Avengers Campus Concept Art ©Disney

We can’t wait to see Disney’s play on scale with the menu’s portion sizes! They could have giant stuff, tiny stuff — who knows! We’re also super-hopeful there might be a few subtle references to A Bug’s Land (Marvel land’s previous inhabitant). Fingers crossed! 

Avengers Campus Preview at D23 Expo ©Disney

Doctor Strange Stage Show

Not only will Doctor Strange reveal a few of the mysteries of the Multiverse in this live-action stage show, but you’ll also be able to explore the ruins of his California sanctum! Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a mystic arts lesson from this Sorcerer Supreme?

Avengers Campus Concept Art ©Disney

Meet Your Favorite Heroes

All signs are indicating there won’t be any shortage of Marvel characters to meet and greet you while “on campus”. Rumored appearances by superheroes from far away lands such as Asgard and Wakanda as well as the Black Widow, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Iron Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy will likely be taking place throughout the day — you might even spot a few of these famous defenders on the rooftops! 

Marvel’s Avengers: Profiles

Phase Two: Avengers-themed Major Attraction

This ride is sure to be the headliner of the Avengers Campus, but the build-out isn’t expected to be completed in time for phase one. While this E-ticket attraction doesn’t have a name at this time, Disney boasts it will be an “all-new innovative ride system” but isn’t considering it a rollercoaster. Guests will climb aboard a Quinjet and fly side by side with the Avengers in an epic battle over Wakanda! We can’t wait!

Avengers Campus Concept Art ©Disney

Global Recruitment

Just how California’s Avengers Campus will relate to Disney’s other worldwide Marvel-themed properties is unknown at this time, but hints have been dropped that there’ll be correlations! Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris is receiving a similar Marvel land expansion while Hong Kong Disneyland already has the Iron Man Experience and the Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle attractions

Avengers Campus Concept Art ©Disney

We’re anxiously awaiting further news about this future Marvel addition to Disneyland Resort, and we’ll report back as soon as new details begin to emerge! Until then, there’s no better time to start assembling your squad in preparation for this all-new Avengers initiative! It’s going to be a blast!

Are you excited to sling webs and strike your best superhero pose on Avengers Campus? Let us know in the comments!


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