Disney Pic of the Week: Frontierland River View

Here are two Lands in the Magic Kingdom coming together as the Liberty Square Riverboat cruises past Frontierland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad on the Rivers of America.

Frontierland River View
Liberty Belle Riverboat steaming past Big Thunder Mountain Railroad on the Rivers of America in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Nikon D750/24-120VR, 1/500s, f/6.3, ISO 100, EV 0, 66mm Focal Length.

Taken from the waiting area (near the geyser), I made sure to use a fast shutter speed to freeze Big Thunder’s train full of guests. This is also a PhotoPass location.

Which Frontierland location do you like to take photos of? Let me know in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Disney Pic of the Week: Frontierland River View”

  1. I have been unsuccessful at it but I’ve tried taking pictures from the top of Splash Mountain. We usually ride it in the morning so the sun is shining right at us. In the evening, I haven’t figured out the right camera settings. Guess I’ll just have to keep riding it until I figure it out. Someone’s got to do it!

    1. For this view you just need patience and the knowledge when the riverboat is running. Keep the shutter fast as there is a lot of motion going on which might look too busy with a slower shutter speed. For Splash, there are a few places you can get good views of the Magic Kingdom from. Again, you are moving all the time so a fast shutter speed is needed and an f/stop of, at least, f/8.