We’re Saying Thank You, NEXT! to These Disney Trends

Disney is all about the hottest trends these days. They, like most companies, need to stay competitive and relevant.

Imagination Pink Collection

Now, we’re totally on board with Disney staying up to date and being in the know. But some of these “trends” have just left us asking… WHY? Let’s check out five of them together.

Food that ONLY looks good, but doesn’t taste good

Recently, there has been a shift in the Disney food focus. Disney has been creating really fun, cute, colorful, and even over-the-top food. A lot of this tastes great, of course, but there is a good chunk that seems like it was only created for its “Instagrammability.”

Princess Aurora Cupcake ©Disney

We have found that a lot of this “beautiful” food, especially the sweets, may be perfect for foodie photos, but the taste aspect is lacking. Things are starting to taste more artificial, super-sweet, bland, or just plain gross.

It also seems as though they are making things impossible to eat, just so that the item will attract people through social media. We’re talking GIGANTIC milkshakes with loads of random treats stacked on top. Or strange burgers and hot dogs that just seem to have stacks and stacks of random toppings.

Chocolate Extreme Milkshake

Now, Disney, we love you, but if we’re paying $10.00 for a hot dog, we want it to look good AND taste good.

Price increases

Another Disney trend that we’re saying thank you, NEXT! to is the insane number of PRICE INCREASES. Disney has been increasing prices on just about everything throughout the parks. And honestly who likes to pay MORE for an already expensive vacation? I know I don’t.

This year, we have seen price increases on parking, tickets, food, merchandise, and Annual Passes. And we expect that the trend will continue annually.

You can read more about the 2019 price increases here.

High-Dollar Designer Ears

Recently, Disney has started selling limited-edition designer ears. Different celebrities and designers have created very unique and fun ears, and new designs are being released each month. It’s a totally fun concept. You can check out the release dates for the designer ears here!

HARVEYS Mickey Americana Line

But, this trend is a little too pricey for our liking. I mean, some of these designer ears cost more than $100. That just seems like a lot of money for an ear headband to us… Are many of the designs adorable? Yes! Do we want to spend more than $100 on a pair of ears? NOPE!

Yes, some of these ears are more collectible than wearable. But we would be more on board if the ears were closer to a more standard $24.99 price tag. The prices Disney is asking for these things is a bit outrageous in our opinion!

Alex & Ani Gold Ears

Lengthy FastPass lines

We all love a good FastPass. But lately, they have started to lose their sparkle. This is because the lines seem to be MUCH longer than usual.


It seems like every time we hop in a FastPass line, there is a wait. And we’re not talkin’ a 4- or 5-minute wait. We’re talking upwards of  15 to 20-minutes. And while we understand that a FastPass just guarantees a shorter line, it’s still a hard adjustment when you used to have little to no line when waiting in a FastPass line.

Starting the Holiday Parties SO early in the year!

OK, let’s just put this into perspective. The first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party starts on August 16 this year! That’s like… next week, folks!

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

I mean, honestly, it’s hot as heck, kids are JUST starting school, and as much as we love the spooky time of year at Disney, it just doesn’t feel like fall yet, much less trick-or-treat season. Seriously, can you imagine putting on a costume and trick-or-treating next week? I sure can’t!

It seems as if the latest trends have been to make both Christmas and Halloween parties earlier each year. Shoot, before we know it Disney might actually have their Halloween parties start in July!


Are you over these Disney trends, too? What’s a Disney trend that you can’t get behind? Let us know in the comments below! 

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5 Replies to “We’re Saying Thank You, NEXT! to These Disney Trends”

  1. I totally agree with the holiday parties! Was so disappointed last year when we went to MNSSHP in mid October, that all of the specific party merch was gone for the year already. I don’t understand how they don’t budget enough merch for ALL scheduled parties.

  2. I totally agree about the Halloween Party starting so early. I also dislike that when I am there in October (yes, I know that is actually Halloween month), but there is only one day while we are there that the Magic Kingdom is open late for regular guests. The other days are all MNSSHP days so the park closes at 6.

  3. The lowest priced “ear” headbands are no longer $24.99, they are $27.99. Also, you’ll see that the price tags do not have an actual price! Makes it easy to implement more price increases. Expect to see $29.99 sooner than later.

  4. I could not agree more with this list. Especially the over the top food that is only there for IG so someone can post on social media to say look at me and what I am doing and you’re not. 100% agree with the party dates as well. Who can get into the Halloween season when it is 98degrees and 95% humidity and the first football game hasn’t even been played yet, no thanks. What amazes me the most though is how much prices have increased and attendance just seems to keep growing more and more. How high do prices have to get before there is a breaking point but I believe this is due to a large Millennial population, which is a large demographic, that grew up going to Disney.Now those same people are adults and are still coming to Disney many of whom don’t have kids of their own yet.So I don’t see attendance dropping off anytime soon unless there is just a major economical recession

  5. Ok, so it’s not just me that thinks their cupcakes don’t taste all that good. I was very sad to find that I could get a better tasting cupcake for $2.50 at the cupcake shop at home.