Disney Increases Price on Reusable Shopping Bags

Disney’s reusable shopping bags can be seen all over the theme parks and resorts — we’ve even seen them used as pool bags! With park-specific, Disney Springs, and general designs they are a colorful addition to the parks.

Hollywood Studios Reusable Bags

On our latest visit to the parks we noticed something new for the bags.

No, it wasn’t a new design — it’s a new price.

Magic Kingdom Reusable Bag Pricing

The bags are now $2.00, $2.50, and $3.00 for the small, medium, and large shopping bags respectively. This is the second price increase for the medium bags, which were $1.00 when introduced at the re-imagined World of Disney Store in Disney Springs. This is the first increase for the small and large bags.

Reusable Shopping Bags in World of Disney

Have you purchased a reusable bag in Disney? Will the price increase deter you from purchasing a bag? Let us know in the comments.

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12 Replies to “Disney Increases Price on Reusable Shopping Bags”

  1. Pricing is too high to add to the ridiculous pricing of nearly every item sold at Disney. Lower the price to $1.00 for all sizes if added to another purchase, or sell separately for $5.00 with $4.00 of that going to a conservation fund.

  2. So now if I buy something I have to buy a bag to put it in? If that is the case, the maybe I just won’t buy much. Have 2 bags I got last year. Can I bring grocery bags with me?! How about old WDW bags? Maybe save my money and not buy anything. That’s a dandy idea.

    1. Priscilla, you don’t HAVE to buy a bag. When you make a purchase, you’re asked if you would like a bag, and if you say yes, you get a regular plastic bag. If you’d rather stow your purchase in your own bag, or backpack, or whatever, you can. The option to buy a bag is completely up to you.

  3. I have kinda mixed feelings on this. Since Disney isn’t giving you plastic bags anymore, either you have to know this ahead of time or BUY a bag to put your stuff in when you are at the checkout. While the bags aren’t too expensive it’s still more than you were paying when they gave you plastic bags to put your stuff in…and aren’t the bags just reinforced plastic with some cloth bindings anyways?

    1. Hey Brooke, Disney does still give out plastic bags — they ask whether you want one when you’re making the purchase, but they don’t withhold them if you want one! You have the option to buy the reusable bags if you know you’ll be making multiple purchases over the course of your vacation. 🙂

  4. I need to find someone to buy some bags for me (I will pay them of course) because they were just coming out as I was leaving in January =(

  5. My husband & I always bring our reusable bags with us. They are generic Mickey Mouse designs and I don’t want to shell out money on a bag just because it says “Walt Disney World” on it.