Minnie Van Service Now Open to All Disney World Resorts


The Disney Minnie Van service introduced last year is now available for everyone at Walt Disney World Resort, through the Lyft app.

The service offers a comfy and convenient way for guests to travel to and from the theme parks, to dining reservations at Disney resort hotels, family gatherings, shopping sprees at Disney Springs and much more in a jiffy.

The private vans are roomy, comfortable and usually only minutes away. Each driver is a friendly Disney Cast Member trained to take you where you need to be–safely and with a smile.

How does it work? Just download the Lyft app on your mobile device, open it from anywhere at Walt Disney World Resort and select the Minnie Van service option. Then, follow the steps below:

Confirm your current pickup location.

Enter your Walt Disney World Resort destination and tap “Request.”

The app will display a map tracking the vehicle en route and give you an identifying vehicle number to help you spot your car.

With Lyft, you can request your ride from your smartphone and pay right through the app. The new Minnie Van service is an easy and friendly way to whisk your family off to the magic!

There is a flat $25 fee per trip for the service, which is available between 6:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. (Hours subject to change.)

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8 Replies to “Minnie Van Service Now Open to All Disney World Resorts”

  1. Thinking of using this to transfer from Pop to Boardwalk. Would the vans be large enough to accommodate five passengers plus a stroller and luggage (probably 3 suitcases)?

    DEB K Replies: I can’t say for sure, but the vans are said to accommodate 6 passengers. They are also supposed to be able to accommodate wheelchairs or scooters, so it sounds like they would have room for your stroller and luggage. As another option, Bell Services would transfer luggage from one Disney resort to another, although you usually won’t get that transferred luggage until later in the afternoon.

  2. I see where the vans do not leave Disney property, but do go to MCO airport. Do you know if they will pick up at a Disney resort and then drive to Port Canaveral to board a Disney Cruise ship? If so, would the fee still be $25?

    DebK replies: I haven’t heard of the Minnie Vans going to the port yet, sorry. If they ever do go there, I’m sure it will cost more than $25, as the Minnie Van price to the airport is $150 per car.

  3. Seems sort of expensive. I would just rent a car even with the new resort parking fee or use Uber. WDW cannot ban Uber.

  4. Does anyone know if the Minnie Vans will pick up from the Amtrak station in Orlando? I know they pick up at the airport but my family is traveling by train and was hoping for a ride over to our Disney Springs hotel.

    DEBK replies: No, sorry, the Minnie Vans only serve Disney locations; they do not leave Disney property, except to go to MCO airport, as far as we know.

  5. I was under the impression that the MEARS cartel, er, transportation company, was the one running this show with the Minnie vans.. I can’t imagine they’d let this operate without getting a piece of the pie.

    DEBK replies: The Minnie Vans are operated using the LYFT app. I’ve not heard that Mears was involved with their operation. I believe that Mears is involved with Magical Express, however, the bus service that takes guests from the airport to Disney resorts or the Disney cruise port.

  6. Is per trip a one way or both back and forth? If this is one way why use this service when a cab is most likely half the cost?

    DEBK replies: The $25 flat fee is per trip — so just one way. Depending on where you’re going on property, you’re right — a cab may be less expensive. But there are other reasons to take the Minnie Van — they can accommodate up to 6 people, they have child car seats, and there are several vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs/ECVs. The drivers are Disney cast members and the cars are maintained by Disney. Plus, there’s no denying that some may get a kick out of riding in a vehicle decorated like Minnie Mouse. But again, yes, a regular cab may be less expensive. It’s up to you whether you think the Minnie Van is worth the extra expense.

  7. Would a rider be allowed to take their mobility scooter in one of these vans (not remain on it–just haul it to the park)? The bus system is fine but when it’s crowded the scooters are difficult to maneuver around everyone and some people are not the nicest about having to wait for a scooter to load.

    DEBK replies: Yes, there are several Minnie Vans equipped to accommodate standard size wheelchairs and ECVs. You may have to wait a little longer for one to become available, though. But I do think this would be a good alternative to taking the bus.