Disney Pic of the Week – Jungle Cruise

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

I love the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World and I looooove the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. Why the difference in my level of affection? In my personal and vast experience, west coast skippers are funnier for the entire ride whereas east coast skippers either excel or fail inside the cave. And no, there’s no cave at Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise. Both parks house the attraction in Adventureland

You say you’ve never sailed Jungle Cruise? If you like boats, you should go. If you like animatronics, you should go. If you like water, you should go. If you thrive on dry humor, get your tuchas down to the dock and I’ll meet you there.


Speaking of the Jungle Cruise, check out this video of the English version at Hong Kong Disneyland:

Come back on Thursday for Scott’s photo, presumably, also of the Jungle Cruise.

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