Disney releases multitude of Maleficent merchandise


It’s finally opening weekend for Disney’s live-action movie, “Maleficent,” and the promotions are shifting focus from filling theater seats to selling the related merchandise. Here’s a look at what you can find only at Walt Disney World and through the Disney Store.

The Magic Kingdom already had a decent selection last weekend for the “Disney Heroes & Villains” all-night event. Perhaps the most sought-after item is (and will be) a set a Maleficent horns.


When my daughter and I stopped in The Emporium, we saw two types of the headgear. The large, plush horns are worn like a hat with a chin strap and cost about $25. Another version, made of colorful plastic, fit like a headband and have the ability to glow. They cost about $12.



We also spotted quite a few “Maleficent” fans that night wearing mouse-ear headbands that also had horns attached to the top. These were introduced last fall as a Limited Time Magic item for Halloween. They cost about $24 and still are available at multiple locations at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney.



Collectors will find several offerings, as well. Maleficent and Aurora dolls in a 12-inch size were on display in The Emporium last week. Each was about $35. (They will be available at DisneyStore.com on June 25.) On Friday, the date of the live-action movie’s theatrical launch, Walt Disney World released a limited edition opening day pin.


Movie-inspired merchandise has hit the shelves in the Disney Parks, too. Guests can shop for women’s T-shirts that depict Angelina Jolie in her title role, as well as iPhone 5 and 5s cases.

In addition to The Emporium, Maleficent merchandise also is available at Beverly Sunset at Hollywood Studios. As always, Princess Aurora costumes and merchandise are carried year-round in all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

Can’t make it to Walt Disney World? You can call the Walt Disney World merchandise mail order department at 877-560-6477 and ask if items can be shipped.

DisneyStore.com offers shoppers a chance to splurge with designer products from Stella McCartney Kids, such as a Maleficent dragon T-shirt for boys ($75) or Maleficent shoes for girls ($185). There is a gorgeous Aurora deluxe costume ($80) and the accompanying golden tiara ($15) from the Disney Store. Those with more modest budgets might like the themed coffee mug ($13) or the journal ($17).

Finally, let me offer a shopping safety tip: If you’re browsing for “Maleficent” merchandise in the Disney store, be careful if you come across any enchanted spinning wheels on the store’s shelves. I’ve been told the spindle can be quite sharp and dangerous.


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