Flights of Wonder: Feed the Birds

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Do you want to ride Expedition Everest? Okay, give me your backpack and I’ll go watch Flights of Wonder. This show, like other segments of Animal Kingdom’s Asia (land) eluded me visit after visit. I took a wrong turn in Dinoland. I wandered around in circles in Africa. How did I ever make it to Nemo? No idea. After finally figuring where the stage was set, it became a regular stop for me. If you love birds like I love birds then you’ll enjoy this campy show.

Not everyone is lucky enough to do this. For starters, you have to be a Cast Member in the show posing as a generic tour guide with ornithophobia (fear of birds). Those are some big shoes to fill.

I can never write about Flights of Wonder without mentioning that Disney needs to stop picking on Jungle Island (Miami, FL) and Pinky, the bike-riding cockatoo. I’m pretty sure birds in the wild don’t fly up to strangers holding dollars bills palm-side up and bring them back to another human.

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