Disney Pic of the Week – Restaurants

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

“180 days,” a number and a noun that drives seasoned Walt Disney World vacationers into a salivating frenzy. For it is at the 180 day mark prior to the moment their feet touch magical soil that advanced dining reservations can be booked. Such concise detail goes into strategizing a trip to Mickey Mouse’s own vacation destination (he lives at Disneyland) that even members of the military would take notice. Menus are read over and over once decisions are made regarding which park to visit on which day. Then with a phone call or clickety click of a keyboard, meal times and locations are solidified and an adult lets out a huge sigh and crosses another item off his/her To Do List.

This week Scott and I take aim at restaurants. My photo of choice comes to you from Sci-Fi Dine-In at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Relive or experience for the first time what it felt like at a drive-in movie theater. Every car has a great view of the science fiction clips playing on a large screen and stars twinkle in the midnight blue sky.

Taken with a Canon PowerShot SX30 IS and a mini tripod.

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4 Replies to “Disney Pic of the Week – Restaurants”

  1. Great picture! That is my family’s favorite place to eat lunch. It’s dark and cool after being in the hot sun! Love the light up ice cubes!

    Lisa responds: Thanks. Yes, it certainly does help the body relax and cool down in there.

  2. While Advanced Dining Reservations are a great option for those who plan one or two big trips a month to WDW, it’s horrible idea for us local ‘weekend warrior’ passholders who go to WDW on a whim wanting an unstructured relaxing getaway. I feel it’s bad practice to ‘book out’ restaurants months in advance. Very rarely we can get walk ups at some places (O’hana, Crystal Palace, to name a few). I feel WDW needs some sort of reservation system accommodating to both types of visitors. Maybe [they could] reserve 80% of seating capacity for ADR and 20% for walk-ups! Just my $0.02, great article though…hmm, what’s for lunch?

    Lisa responds: I think that’s an excellent idea. I had canned tuna and rice for lunch. Don’t be jealous.

  3. Hi, Lisa,
    I play a little game each week when I see the topic of the photos you and Scott will be presenting. Before looking at your pictures, I try to think about what photo I would post. Sometimes I have the picture filed away somewhere. Other times, I would have to make a trip to WDW to take the perfect picture.

    Usually you and Scott both surprise me, and I’m left wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    Your picture of the SciFi Dine-In is one such picture. I love it. Wouldn’t have thought to take that picture.

    Thanks for helping me to think more creatively when using my camera.


    Lisa responds: Oh, Craig, you always say the nicest things. :blush: