Team AllEars 2011: Running with Purpose

We are pleased, honored, and excited to launch Team AllEars® 2011: Running with Purpose.

This running team will once again be co-captained by AllEars® feature writers Michelle Scribner and Mike Scopa who together have combined to participate in over a dozen Walt Disney World sponsored races including seven half-marathons.

If you missed our live call-in podcast which launched this year’s, team you can still listen to it by clicking here to learn more about Team AllEars 2011.

Our Goals

The goals for the AllEars® Running Team are quite simple.

It’s all starts with promoting healthy lifestyles.

Exercise goes hand in hand with developing good health and a long term goal of ours is to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

We also know that having the support of others helps us reach our goals”¦.right?

Team AllEars can do just that through support, encouragement, advice, and friendship.

Team AllEars is dedicated to helping those who are considering taking up running and reaching for a ultimate goal…be it a 5K, Half-Marathon, or Full-Marathon”¦and we want to help.

Keep in mind we are not running experts, nor are we medical professionals”¦but with many years of running experience the team can call upon our experiences and pass along to our team members what seems to work to help get the most out of training.

We also know where to go to get help”¦advice”¦training tools”¦almost anything you need.


How to Join

For you to join the 2011 AE Running Team you need to be registered for the 2011 5K, Half-Marathon or Full-Marathon for the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

We will be focusing on helping everyone train for that weekend and we are excited for those who are planning to do any race for the first time as well as those returning to “do it again.”

If you would like to join the AllEars Running Team, please note that for 2011 we are again limiting the number of participants.

If you would like to become a member of the 2011 Team AllEars Running team please send an email to Michelle at [email protected] and tell her why you want to be on the team and how you hope the team can help you.

We are striving to help not just our team members reach a specific goal but also looking to help others in need and so we are asking all who become members to work towards raising $500 towards Deb’s Avon Breast Cancer Fund.

Team AllEars 2010 worked together to raise over $25,000 for this cause and we are ramping up again.

We are very focused on making as many people aware of breast cancer as possible and to ask them to join us in the battle to defeat it.

Member Benefits

Team members will have access to a member only Team AllEars Facebook page with a community of friends who will offer encouragement, advice, support, and friendship.

Team members will be invited to special Skype meetings with Deb Wills, Michelle Scribner-MacLean, and Mike Scopa.

All team members will be invited to contribute personal success stories to the AllEars Running Blog.

And speaking of blogs we’ll be launching a Team AllCheers blog this year too for those who are interested in cheering on the AllEars Running team.

Team members will also be invited to meets during the 2011 Walt Disney World Marathon.

Again, if you are interested in becoming a member of the AllEars Running Team send an email to Michelle at [email protected] today and perhaps you will find yourself in a photo like this someday.


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4 Replies to “Team AllEars 2011: Running with Purpose”

  1. Hi! I saw a bunch of your teammat
    es at the Hershey Half today. Love your T-shirts. Can I buy some? The blue technical shirts with your logo on the front and the “…I dream like Walt” on the back. I’d be happy to donatw

    * * *

    HI Leigh Ann,

    Those shirts are only for those official members of Team AllEars who run in the races.

    Unfortunately we are limited to only 100 members of Team AllEars every year and we are full this year.

    However we have an unlimited number of spots for our Team AllCheers Squad and they get their swag at

    I hope this helps.


  2. Deb-I just wanted to say that I love your website! I am a 31 year old breast cancer survivor and it is so great to see all these people together supporting one cause. I am still going through the reconstruction process but getting back into running and hope yo be a part of the 5k. Anyways, thank you for being so awesome and an inspiration!