Taking a Break

How appropriate that MagicMeets interrupted my training regimen.

This “stop in the action” reminded me that no matter how hard we try to maintain our routines that sometimes scheduled and unscheduled events will impact these routines.

Events could be in the form of vacation, a crazy work schedule, or something unexpected that plays havoc with our daily or weekly routine.

So when that happens what should we do? How do we get back? More importantly, what should we NOT do?

Well, again I need to emphasize that everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Above all play it cautious to avoid a setback.

So when we run into these times when we find our training interrupted what is the first thing we should do?

The first thing is to accept the fact that you should not expect to immediately pick up where you left off.

I’ll use my own experience as an example.

The day before leaving for MagicMeets I had a very good run in the five to six mile range and felt pretty good after the run.

However, between the drive down, my several days there, and the drive back I really hadn’t run except for maybe a 2 mile jog one morning.

When I returned home I was ready to resume my training.

This had to be done right. Too many times in the past I got a little too anxious and ambitious upon coming off a “break in the action.”

What resulted was a setback as I asked my body to perform like a machine that just needed to be turned on again”¦no, it doesn’t work that way.

My rule of thumb is that the amount of time you take off from your training should dictate the amount of time you should take to get back to where you were before the interruption took place.

Again, this works for me”¦.but I can tell you that it also seems to work for a lot of friends of mine”¦so maybe there is something to this philosophy.

So my plan was to take about a week to get back to where I was before the interrupt.


Well I think that most of us are capable of at least going out and running at least ½ of what we were doing before the interrupt.

For me I went out and ran 5K (3.1) miles for my first day, then, as each day came I added not miles but time to my workout. I added about five minutes per day and within seven days I was pretty close to where I was prior to my trek to Magicmeets.

I was prepared to stretch it out to 10 days if need be but I listened to my body at the end of every day and it told me I was moving along slowly enough so not to worry.

I just didn’t want to try and take one step forward prematurely and have that result in two steps back.

So just a little tip that could go a long way”¦don’t rush back too soon”¦you may end up injuring yourself.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 6.5K/13K Course

I do have a lot of work to do as the TZTOT 13K is only about 2 ½ months away.

I’ve revised my training plan so that I will be in the 6-7 mile range or better by the end of August.

As a matter of fact, I have recently gone out and run 7 miles so I’m already there. It’s just a matter of getting used to doing 7 miles once or twice a week, while doing a few shorter runs the other two or three times I go out.

It doesn’t hurt to assess your training schedule and adjust it accordingly.

For those of you who are planning to participate in the 6.5K (4.1 miles) or 13K (8.2 miles) events you may be interested to know that there is some “noise” about the course being posted sometime soon.

As soon as this happens I will let you know as I’m curious as to exactly where we will be going.

Some of you have emailed me and have asked if I have any idea as to exactly where the course will take us.

My best guess is that the course will essentially be a double-back course that is normally used for the Race for the Taste except that we will not finish in EPCOT.

Here is a description of the course taken from the TZTOT 13K Event Info page:

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terrorâ„¢ 13K is an 8.1 mile night-time road race that will end in the shadows of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at the Disney-MGM Studios. The course will also feature Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex, before returning to Disney-MGM Studios where the course will feature the Lights, Motors, Actionâ„¢ Extreme Stunt Show and then down New York Street, past the Sorcerer’s Hat, to an unforgettable finish at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terrorâ„¢.

I expect that due to the overwhelming response that we will all begin the race in the MGM Studios parking lot. My inclination is to believe that again, due to the number of participants, we will then continue along outside the park to Disney’s World of Sports.

When we get to Disney’s World of Sports we may find the course eventually heading back to MGM Studios, however here’s where we are looking at two different ways of entering the park.

One option is to enter through the back entrance of MGM near the Tower of Terror. There is an access back there and other races have used. As you enter the park the Tower is on your left.

The other entry is from the other side of the park in which the participants will run through Lights! Motors! Action! Stunt Show and then through the backstage area before running down the Big City Streets area and then over near “Buy the Book” and the Sci-Fi Drive-In Restaurant, past the Commissary and then run clockwise around the Sorcerer’s Hat in front of TGMR then either over to Indy Jones and then to Sunset Blvd or go directly from the hat to Sunset Blvd.

I would think that the finish line would be in the park although I have never run in a WDW race in which the finish line was inside the park. Usually the runners are crossing a finish line in that park’s parking lot.

Well, let’s hope we soon find out”¦I’m excited.

But I need to get back to my training.

But before I go let me address this “take a break” issue a bit further. It really is important for anyone training to give their body a rest when your body “talks” to you.

If you find that your legs, knees, ankles, feet, or back give you pain then take a day off and give those areas some rest.

Pain speaks volumes.

Here’s another indicator that you need a day off. Remember our discussion on watches and how evil they can be? Well, they can be your friend too.

Once you have settled into a comfortable pace for yourself you will begin to notice if during a run whether or not your normal pace is in fact happening.

If after two miles you notice that your pace is off by at least a minute then you are overtraining and your body is telling you that it needs a day or two off to replenish and rest.

I guarantee you that if you rest from time to time then you will find your training to be a lot easier and also more productive.

Listen to your body. You don’t have to run every day.

Take a break.

Blogging from Orlando

That’s right! I’m taking this blog to Orlando for a week or so and plan on blogging a bit more frequently while down there. So if you are in need of a WDW fix I hope I can help fill that need.

It looks to be hot while I’m there so you just KNOW that I’ll have to be sure to keep my body hydrated.

Can you guess what I will depend upon to keep me hydrated?


Like there was any doubt!

Happy training!

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