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This show gave its final performances on September 16, 2006.


April 2005

Emily: While in the Magic Kingdom I went to experience Cinderellabration. The show itself was cute. And with all of the singing and dancing, you felt like getting up on the stage too. I enjoyed seeing all of the Disney princesses. But, the show got kinda corny at the end. Overall, the show should be pretty popuylar in Magic Kingdom, and I would recommend seeing it once!

Ben: Cinderellabration April 18 -- We saw the show with my 5-year-old daughter who is captivated by the whole Disney 'princess' thing. This show was made for her! Her jaw dropped from the first note to the last. We stood on the concrete round bench (where the Walt and Mickey statue stands) in front of the castle and could see over the entire crowd for this noontime performance. The costumes and music are good and of course the plotline is stone simple for the little ones. I was happy for my daughter who was thrilled to see nearly all of the princesses in one place at one time with the castle as a backdrop. We staked out our location 30 minutes prior and although you can get closer to the action, you would be looking up at the stage, and have to lift the little ones to see over the heads of inconsiderate standing adults hoisting cameras in the air. Stand behind Walt and Mickey on the bench for an unobstructed view.

Barbara Todisco - Regarding Cinderellabration, I guess you have to have a small child with you to really appreciate the show. Although I love everything Disney, I thought the show did not live up to the usual Disney performances and was, for an adult, quite boring. I don't know, seeing Aladdin and Jasmine doing the minuet was not my idea of entertainment! And Belle with a real prince, instead of the Beast, didn't do it for me either! But the Castle looks beautiful and I would be happy if they left it decorated that way forever!

Jake & Nicole - Saw the new show - happened to be walking by when it started. Really a great show!! One of the best parts is the sound. The sound and music are awesome... we're talking loud and crystal clear. We were travelling with 3 girls 5 to 9 and an 8 y/o boy. Everyone loved the show. Almost an attraction all by itself.

Elaine A. - Despite the spring break crowds, we were able to secure a spot 2 "rows" from the front, center stage, 15 mins prior. Our 4 year old who loves princesses, was just in awe! The performance was well choreographed and storyline was kept very simple for very young kids to follow along. The costumes were just fabulous! My only "disappointment" was the inconsideration of a handful of adults in the front row who stood during the entire performance so that they could video tape it, blocking the rest of us who sat down so that the kids in the back rows could see.

Kevin Spencer - We were at Disneyworld over the March break and got to see Cinderbration. My family and I were very disappointed in the show. Very very boring. I guess we were use to the previous show and enjoyed it very much. Too bad, all the hype this new show was given and to see the outcome was not worth it.

Lisa - Cinderellabration...we saw the 1:40 show on Sunday, 3/20, and it was wonderful!! My 4 year old daughter was enthralled to see all the princesses and their princes. The rest of the day, she wanted to dance with her daddy as her prince and crown anyone she saw. My 7 year old son even enjoyed it, but this is a not to be missed show for anyone with little girls!! There are a few fireworks at the end, so if your little ones scare easily by loud noises, warn them ahead of time :-)

Lori Stampone - I was able to see the "Cinderellabration" show and want to recommend it to everyone. The songs were great. The costumes were GORGEOUS....make sure you check out Belle's dress!!! Cinderella's dress was as beautiful as ever. The one thing I really enjoyed seeing was Cinderella blowing kisses and waving to all the kids in the crowd....and she did it continually throughout the show. One suggestion I have is to watch the 6:30 show. The sun is just setting at that time and the lights upon the castle look beautiful. Also, the fireworks have a better effect once they are shot off at the end of the show. The castle looks wonderful all dressed up for the occasion. It is a spectacle to see. Make sure you do not miss this show!! (March 2005)

Steven Zaretsky -- We saw the 5:35 Cinderellabration show on Sunday, March 20. My 3 1/2 year old was absolutely enthralled by the show. My wife and I thought is was a perfect castle-front show: lots of music, dancing and singing. The younger children will appreciate seeing all the princesses. We'll go back to see this show again and again! (March 2005)