New Strollers Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World has replaced the rental strollers in all of their parks. The new, updated strollers have a tan plastic shell, with tan mess sides and back (to let air in and keep the children cool) and a blue cover that provides shade and protection from rain. There are two bottle holders and a large pouch for storage on the strollers. The wheels are angled and appear to be very easy to push and maneuver through the crowds.

The guests that I spoke with were very pleased with the new strollers and thought they were a nice improvement over the previous ones.

Here are some pictures of the single strollers:

New Single Stroller

Side View

Back View

All lined up and ready to go

This is what the “double” stroller looks like:

New Double Stroller

Front/Side View

Back View

It will cost you $15.00 per day to rent a “single” stroller and $31.00 per day to rent a “double” stroller. If you’re going to need a stroller for more than one day you can rent them at the “multi-day” rate of $13.00 per day for a “single” and $27.00 per day for a “double”.

If you’re park hopping you will not be allowed to take the strollers from one park to another. However, the price you pay entitles you to a stroller (at no additional cost) that day in any of the parks you visit.

Check out our Stroller Fact Sheet!

Well, that’s all for now. As my good friend says “see ya real soon”…DizneyMike

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9 Replies to “New Strollers Magic Kingdom”

  1. How wide are the doubles?? I want to bring my own side by side but I would like to compare the sizes to see if I should bring my sit and stand instead, but that one is harder to fold and much heavier.

    DizneyMike replies: Nicole, I’m not sure of the exact size however, it looks similar in size of the other non-Disney doubles that I see in the parks. Of course, the big difference is if you rent Disney strollers you can’t take them out of the park. Hope this helps in some way…Mike

  2. I have an eight month (almost nine) baby. Would these strollers be appropriate and safe for my baby, or should I still bring my own?

    DizneyMike replies: Beckie, I would bring your own. In my opinion, these strollers are not for children under one….Mike

  3. Do you know who is the manufacturer of the stroller? I would like to get in contact with them.

    DizneyMike replies: No, I don’t know who the manufacturer is. I would suggest you send WDW Guest Services an email and ask them that question. They are very good at getting back to guest with answers. Hope this helps….Mike

  4. Hey Mike!

    I still think taking our own folding umbrella stroller is much better than renting, hands down! Recognizing our own stroller, not carrying 40lbs of dead weight after a busy day and the peaceful walk from the bus/monorail station to the hotel room plopping them in bed is priceless. The new strollers do look more attractive with the tan and blue colors. The mesh is a great idea! I like the cup holders and the padded handle bar, however, for the price/day I could buy lots and lots of dole whips to put in the cup holder of my own stroller! I hope for the non-stroller-having people, Disney provides some sort of voucher or discount for these new strollers.

  5. Hi Mike

    I just wanted to tell you that I am totally jealous of you and all the trips to Disney you get to have. We live in MA too and are vacation club members. Our dream is to come to Florida for retirement and be near Disney. I just discovered allears a few weeks ago and just found the blog today. I will be checking it alot from now on. We’ll be there for 2 whole weeks in October for my husband’s 60th and we can’t wait. Maybe we will see you there.

  6. Hi Mike…I just met you while i was in disney last week, it was so funny i though i’d share the story with you. while taking a nice relaxing trip around the lake at the magic kingdom on the ferryboat i was talking with my boyfriend about Florida residents and their annual park passes, then i said all the people that blog on must have those passes because they seem to really know everything and you so kindly interrupted us by saying you didnt want to seem nosy but you had one of those passes and how cool it was then we talked about how you blog for the site. it totally made my day because in all seriousness i looked at this website every single day from august leading up to my march vacation and got some great pointers and loved that i actually met someone that blogs for the site 🙂 i thought id share and let you know you made my day, so thanks!!

  7. i remember the ones i rode in when i was little (i’m 24 now). they were blue, we always got double for me and my sister but if she got out you could lay the front seat down and be able to lay down in the whole stroller. it was like one seat in front of the other, she could ride backwards with her feet hanging out the back if i remember correctly. anybody remember those? it was like 1987 and 1989.

  8. Wow, I think that is a big increase in price for the double from last year. Anyone remember for sure? I rented a double last year and thought it was only 20-ish?

  9. Mike so happy you are now part of All Ears I look at the site daily and loved your guest blogs and am happy you are now going to blog regularly. Keep up the awesome work.