Strollers at WDW

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What do I do about a stroller?

You can bring your own.
You can rent from Disney at the theme parks (very expensive)

For an extended stay with a very young child or if you will be spending much time away from the major parks, consider bringing your own stroller or renting one that will be with you the entire time. Having your own is also helpful for getting around the rest of WDW, for example at the resorts, walking in from a parking lot, waiting for a bus or at the water parks. Your own stroller will also be a lot easier to find among the masses of them parked outside attractions.

If you are flying, take your stroller right up to the gate, receive a gate check ticket and then leave it at the door to the plane.

Can I rent one at Disney?

Yes. If you have an older child who wants to walk a good part of the time it might be easier to rent one while in the major parks. If your child wants to walk, you can just leave the stroller there. When the child is tired, go to one of the stroller rental locations and get another one.

One veteran has suggested if you have a child who stays in a stroller when you go shopping, then you should bring your own. If you have one who wants to walk 70%-80% of the time, the rentals are great.

OK, so, how do I rent one?

Strollers may be rented in each of the theme parks or at Downtown Disney.

Disney has a Length of Stay rental for strollers and wheelchairs. With the Length of Stay rental, you make a one-time payment for as many days of rental that you will need. Upon visiting a theme park, show your receipt at the stroller/wheelchair rental location and you will be directed through the queue with little or no wait. There is a slight discount when purchasing the Length of Stay rental ticket. The Length of Stay option is NOT offered during peak attendance times, however, such as Christmas.

Disney Stroller rentals cost: It will cost you $15.00 per day to rent a "single" stroller and $31.00 per day to rent a "double" stroller. If you're going to need a stroller for more than one day you can rent them at the "multi-day" rate of $13.00 per day for a "single" and $27.00 per day for a "double".

Reservations are not accepted. If you want to visit more than one park in a given day, retain your stroller receipt and present it at the second park to obtain another stroller at no additional cost.

Where do I find them?

At Magic Kingdom: under the Main Street Railroad Station.

At Epcot: to the right at main park entrance. Also at International Gateway, to the left before entering park.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios: to the right after entering park, at Oscar's Super Service, located just inside the Studios gates (in what looks like a "gas station").

At Animal Kingdom: also to the right, after entering the park.

At Downtown Disney West Side DisneyQuest Emporium Note: Double strollers are not available.

At Downtown Disney Marketplace at Disney's Wonderful World of Memories. Note: Double strollers are not available.

Disney World's Double StrollerCan I get a double stroller?

Double strollers are only available at all four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

What are the strollers like?

All strollers are hard plastic with 4 wheels and all parks now have the same exact strollers.

Disney Stroller Blog

Is it safe to leave my stroller outside an attraction?

Do not leave anything of value in your stroller, however, many people do leave their diaper bags with the stroller. Strollers can not be brought into any attractions, so if the weather looks threatening, throw a rain poncho or some other protective covering over it.

What if someone walks off with my stroller? Or what if I need a replacement for some reason?

There are several places where you can obtain a replacement stroller. (NOTE: Only a limited quantity are available, on a first-come, first-served basis.)

In the Magic Kingdom:
-- Main Street, U.S.A. at Strollers/Wheelchairs
-- Frontierland at Trading Post
-- Tomorrowland at Tomorrowland Arcade

In Epcot:
-- Germany (Glas und Porzellan)

In Disney's Hollywood Studios:
-- Tatooine Traders

In Animal Kingdom:
-- Mombasa Marketplace

Anything else I should know?

Disney Cast Members can and will move your stroller from where you *parked* it. Tying a scarf or balloon to your stroller will help you locate it more quickly.

Most strollers can be rolled onto the monorails; be sure to lock the wheels securely. On the "Friendship" boats at Epcot and the boats from Port Orleans to Downtown Disney, the stroller can be rolled on, but you will be asked to carry your child for safety reasons. Strollers must be folded and carried on all other Disney transportation.

On the boat from the Wilderness Lodge to the Magic Kingdom, you WILL be asked to take your child OUT of the stroller.

You may *stroll* into all park entrances -- the Cast Member will take your ticket and turn the turnstile for you.

Usually, but it's not guaranteed, strollers have "free" rental when you attend the special Halloween and Christmas parties at the Magic Kingdom (once the party begins).

Be aware that in June, during "Love Bug" season, the bugs love to hide out in the strollers!!! These are harmless black bugs, but they are very annoying.

TIPS from the Trenches

For Additional Stroller tips Visit our TIPS Database

We just returned from another trip to Disney. If you will be staying at a Disney Resort and using the bus transportation I highly recommend bringing just an umbrella stroller. The buses are not stroller friendly at all. Especially when the buses are crowded at the end of the day, it's a pain trying to get big strollers on and off the bus. Kristen Tennant of NJ


I wanted to thank you for a tip I read about on your website. We chose to go to Disney during the hurricane season and although the hurricane never came on land, we did feel its effects. It rained every day at 4 p.m. (more than the usual daily Orlando shower). We have a 4 year old who required a stroller and was extremely afraid of getting his clothes wet. Luckily I had read about the stroller cover you can purchase at Babies R' Us which protects the stroller from rain. It was a lifesaver. Alex and our items that were stored under the stroller, remained dry everyday. It folds away like those playhut tents into a small, flat circle. It was the best ten dollars we spent! Alex was happy and so were we. Angie and Bill


Whether you bring your own stroller, or rent one at the parks (and sometimes they sell out-megabummer!) figure out a way to "customize" yours. For example, having a colorful scarf you can tie around the handle. There will be numerous times you will have to pick your stroller out of a parking lot of strollers as you come out of a ride, and there may be many that look just like yours. (Mindie Lou)


On our last trip in May, my husband came up with an idea for some extra storage in our 2.5 year olds stroller. He took a standard sized bicycle bag and used plastic cable ties to secure it to the front of the stroller beneath the seat. It was a great place to store items that we didn't need to get at frequently, i.e a change of clothes for our toddler, first aid supplies, etc. We have a Graco Lite Rider, but I think this would work on most full size strollers. The bike bag did not interfere in any way with the strollers operation, and best yet, it did not have to be removed when the stroller was folded. It really helped us maximize storage and stay organized.

Something else that we found useful...we secured one of those d-ring key chain clips to the stroller handle with a Velcro strap. It was a handy place to hang all of our souvenir shopping bags that we would accumulate! Jackie Beering


Having just returned from an exhausting, yet wonderful week in Disney, I'd like to share with your readers what we found to be our "saving grace". Our girls are 5 and 7, yet we decided to bring along an umbrella type stroller for each of them. We used them to haul carry-on luggage to the gate of the plane, easily gate-checked them, and brought them into the parks all 7 days of our stay. They fold so easily and are so light, that getting on and off the bus was quick and simple. The girls rode in them lmost all of the time. This not only saved time(we walked at our pace, not theirs'), but we knew where they were at all times! They in turn saved energy by riding (and occasionally napping). We were always able to spot them easily in the stroller parking, unlike ALL those park rentals! The best part was that at the end of each day, when the girls(and we) were most tired, we didn't have to return our strollers inside the park exit and then make the long trek to the bus pick-up! So many people commented on how they wished they had thought of the"outside the park gates" travelling around. We used so many of tips from the ALL EARS newsletter and the wdwig website, that we wanted to share our tip! The West Family,Massachusetts


I was in Disney just two weeks ago. I brought my own stroller from home, but I was meeting family who live in Florida, and we decided to rent a double stroller so the cousins could sit together. My daughter loved sitting with her cousin. But by mid day she wanted back in her stroller. WHY? Those Disney strollers are HARD. She wanted the comfort of her soft stoller. Here is my tip though. If you do plan on renting one of these strollers, bring a blanket so you can soften it up a bit. But remember none of the strollers recline. Suzanne


Rent a double stroller for your "big" kid. If you've got an older child (4, 5, 6, or even 7) who's too big for a regular stroller from home, rent a double stroller for him/her. They offer plenty of room for a larger child and hold more weight than a single rental or a regular stroller. Plus, you've got a handy place to carry sunscreen, drinks, snacks, rain ponchos, etc.

Last summer, we rented one at all four parks for our then 5-year-old daughter, and it made all the difference in the "World". They were worth every penny we paid for them. We could cover a lot more ground without waiting for our daughter to keep up walking, and she was able to rest and get some relief from the sun. We're heading back to WDW this summer, and our now 6-year-old has already asked to make sure we'll rent strollers for her again. Beth Peter Wisconsin


If your youngest may possibly need a stroller (my youngest is currently 6), I would bring it. Additionally, I've been using our diaper bag as a carry-on. At the minimum, we use the stroller to trundle our "stuff", which is generally in the diaper bag - not valuable stuff (like cameras, wallets, etc...), but stuff like paper napkins, straws, water bottles, leftover food, maps for the parks you're not currently visiting, wipes, first aid kit, kleenex, hats, ponchos, sunglasses, whatever!, etc... We've been fortunate that our stroller/diaper bag (which is monogrammed) has never been stolen at Disney, so we continue to believe it will never be violated. It's even good for a tired 5 year old (and will likely be great for our tired 6 year old, who is still under 45 lbs!). Our stroller is now over 10 years old (so we won't worry if it *is* stolen) and is fairly light and easy to fold up (it's an umbrella style by MacLaren). (Audrey Ishizaki)

If you have a toddler, a small fold-up umbrella stroller is a must. It makes a great cart for diaper bag, camera, ect. when they want to walk (which ours did most of the time) and you have the stroller anytime you need it. Plus you can get it on Planes, trains, buses, boats without too much trouble. OHN D KUFER


I would recommend that you don't assume that an older child 4 or 5 is too old for a stroller, there is alot of walking and usually alot of heat plus it helps to keep track of them, We were able to keep up a pretty good pace in the parks even to late at night by taking a break in the afternoon and putting the 5 year old in a stroller. (marsee)


We brought our own stroller for the 2 yr old. Your tip on the Stroller for the BIG kids (9 & 7) was great for EPCOT. At the Pavillion area we let the two big ones into a double stroller and everyone was very happy. With all the walking through the World Showcase, the older kids were much happier using the stroller from place to place. We didn't mind pushing them as it gave us a chance to SEE the pavillions. They were excited to get the strollers and we kept them busy by handing them the camcorder for "Kids-Cam" time. The funniest movies are from the kids perspective going through Epcot via the strollers. Chris Swanson


I had two kids with me and we rented the strollers for packages and for them to take a break every now and then. My kids are a 4"11 and 5 foot and they enjoyed the strollers. Some people may have thought it was crazy but they needed a break every now and then too. I personally think a stroller only makes the walking a little nicer having, gives you something to lean on while your walking and really makes a difference with not worrying over who is going to carry the back packs etc. Neanie9


When we dropped off our stroller at Fantasmic the CM asked me to empty out our stroller. Fortunately I asked why, noticing that other strollers had not been emptied. I was told that since it was a park stroller it would be folded and at the end of Fantasmic I would be able to pick up any park stroller and use it to leave. PROBLEM: The stroller I had was mine, a green 3-wheeled jogger Good thing I asked or my stroller would have been gone. (Kramer)


Just thought folks might like to know that Studios cast members will tell you to bring your stroller onto the tram portion of the Backlot Tour. The place we were told to place the stroller (on a "platform" directly behind our seat, about level with our heads) didn't really look like it was designed for that purpose, but we did as we were told. We then spent the entire trip listening to a very unpleasant woman behind us complaining loudly because it was blocking her view (of what, I don't know; most everything was immediately right or left, not directly ahead). My husband tried explaining to her that was where the attraction staff told us to store it, but she was inconsolable. In short, if you want yourself and others to enjoy the attraction fully, you might want to consider leaving your stroller behind, and coming back to retrieve it later. The tram does not let off at the same place it starts, but the extra walking is better than the alternative in my opinion. (Marci,)


Whenever possible, park your stroller under a designated shelter. We parked both of ours outside during the Country Bear Jamboree, and were surprised by a total drenching shower that left about a quarter-inch of rain in our belongings and two very soggy toddlers for the rest of the day! (Mark Brown)


When we know we are going to be at the park late, we will usually rent a stroller around dinner time for our oldest daughter who was 6 on our last trip. After a long day in the parks, the stroller usually comes in handy in those later hours. If nothing else, it allows our daughter to run around to the bitter end on rides and then have a nice comfortable ride back to the front of the park to catch the bus. (John T. Marrinson, 6/00)


Magic Kingdom Railroad -- You can bring any personal stroller on the train that you can lift over the turnstiles and carry onto the seat with you.


Suggestions from a mom with 4 year old and 15 months old: Bring your own stroller/strollers. Forget about the park, they don't want to walk once they get outside the gates. Who wants to carry a 4 year old to the car in 90ยบ heat? (Beth O'Neill)


Our family includes 3 girls, ages 8, 2, & 1 and the baby 9 months. We will definitely be bringing a stroller with us. We rented one (or two) last time and although it is convenient, it was also a struggle. Not having a stroller to walk from the parks to the buses or from the buses to our hotel room. We stayed at the Coronado Springs and carrying two tired toddlers at the end of a very long day got old really quick! I would like to recommend the Combi Savvy Z stroller to folks who need to buy a stroller anyway. They are about $200, so they are not an inexpensive purchase, but what a travel stroller! They only weigh 7 lbs., folds up like an umbrella stroller, fit down the aisle of an airplane, and have a canopy hood!! (Tracey Taylor)


A suggestion from our experience "strolling" around WDW with our 10 week old daughter last December 1998. We found that if we asked very nicely we were often able to bring her into restaurants and attractions right in the stroller. Cast members seemed only too willing to accommodate a sleeping infant in a stroller -- she strolled right up to the table at Liberty Tree Tavern, Akershus and Crystal Palace and into the Flight show at AK (we stood in the back). We learned that if we were polite about including her stroller (and discreet so as not to annoy those who had left their strollers behind), she was able to sleep peacefully through some wonderful meals and times for us. We know that December is the least crowded time at WDW, so this may not be possible in July -- but it can't hurt to ask -- you might be pleasantly surprised. When we were leaving Cinderella's Royal Table, the hostess mentioned that we could have brought her stroller upstairs -- we didn't even think to ask there (and we all would have had a better time)! (Karen, Ken and Baby Elizabeth)


We have a 2 year old and took his stroller to all of the parks. Before we left home I bought a Black and Decker snake fan that we duct taped to his stroller and in the afternoons when he was tired and hot we would turn on his fan and it helped alot. It especially worked great when he fell asleep because it kept him cool and he could rest. We got a huge amount of comments from other parents saying that they wished they had thought of something like that. (Robin Sowders)


I have always rented a stroller when in the parks. I have found it invaluable to use for my daughter to take an afternoon nap. If you have a child who can sleep almost anywhere (like mine), try it. It also makes better use of time since you don't have to spend time leaving the park, going back to your room, and returning again after the nap. Sometimes we do walk around still, my daughter likes the movement when she sleeps. In the MK, there is a side street down main street that is usually very quiet and shaded to take a siesta. In the Studios, we go to the covered eating place outside of the Beauty and the Beast show/Tower of Terror. We have never found a single spot in EPCOT, but my mother-in-law prefers to sit on the bench across from the Rose and Crown pub. Also, for safety's sake, most parents know this, but never leave your child unattended while napping in the stroller. We used to take turns "standing guard," or just walk her around. (Corina Drozdowski)


Strollers can also roll onto the larger boats that run from the Wilderness Lodge to the Magic Kingdom, and also the larger boats that do the Contemporary-WL-Ft. Wilderness Loop. The smaller boats from Ft.W and the Grand Floridian can be rolled onto, but the CMs ask that children do not remain in the stroller for safety reasons--if the boat sinks, we don't want junior strapped to his sinking stroller... They also roll on fine and kids can remain seated on the ferryboats between TTC and MK.

We have a lot of experience maneuvering our double-wide stroller around the "world" and in general it fits everywhere a standard wheelchair can go, but gets twice the dirty looks in a crowd that a regular stroller gets. Connecting two umbrella strollers together side-by-side makes them too wide for most turnstiles and gates, but fold and go on a WDW bus much easy than the double-wide. The double-wide must be folded (as must wheelchairs, I suspect) to get it up the escalator for the Contemporary monorail station. A regular stroller can manage the escalator unfolded, albeit unsafely. Let a gap form ahead of you before rolling it onto the escalator, so that if it suddenly stops, no one will fall on your stroller or precious one. (Jim Hunt)


Bring your own strollers! After lunch, we checked out the Kilimanjaro Safari before settling on the train ride to Conservation Station. Great accessibility for the wheelchair, my son simply rolled right on in his power chair, but if you have a stroller you must park it at the train station (tip: if you have your own collapsible stroller you are allowed to bring it along...a good idea since the hike in Conservation Station is a long one with a few hills). The ride was scenic, but no animals. After the train ride, we looked around & started the hike to Conservation Station but turned around since we no longer had our strollers (carrying 2 40 lb boys in 100 degree heat depleted our energy!). (Cherie and Joel Belcher)


Many people use either the seat (if the child walks a lot) or the basket underneath to stash stuff in. It may prove helpful to keep everything in your backpack or diaper bag at all times, so you only have one bag to grab when trying to make that last minute bus, etc.


A plastic cupholder sold as a "Stroller Holder" in most discount stores is invaluable. It can support one or two diaper or shopping bags and your drink cup, leaving your hands free for safe driving.


Remember what is at your child's eye level and watch out for branches, gates and especially cigarettes.


AllEars Reader Testimonials for Orlando Stroller Rentals

I just wanted to send a quick message to thank you so much for the great service and wonderful stroller that your company provided. The stroller was waiting for us when we checked into the resort and there was plenty of room for both my 2 year old and 6 year old. It was a life saver!! It worked great for both of them to take naps in the middle of the day! Also, we got to keep it at the resort instead of having to turn it back in when we left the park each day. We used the stroller 7 days in the park and saved about $125 by using your stroller. Finally, your stroller is so much better than the strollers that Disney rents out. I would highly recommend your strollers over Disney's any day of the week!!! Thanks again for helping to make our vacation a great experience! Rex Hanson (January 2011)


Just wanted to say thank you for another fabulous experience with Orlando Stroller Rentals! The ease of getting the stroller and being able to return it at the hotel is fantastic! The double jogger stroller was great for my kids and it prevented us from having to return to the hotel for naps or early evenings because the kids crashed. We will be returning to Disney in July and plan to rent from you again! Karen Roach (January 2011)


My family just returned from our first visit to Disney, and one of the best decisions we made was to rent a stroller from you! We had a city double for our 6 year old and 3 year old, and it was absolutely fabulous. So much so that both kids hugged and kissed 'strolley' goodbye when we returned it to the hotel front desk. :) The stroller was waiting for us at our arrival at the resort and made the entire trip stress-free and comfortable; we have recommended you to all of our friends and family. Several harried parents even stopped us in Disney to ask for your contact info and we highly recommended your great service. Thanks for helping us make awesome memories. Carole Ann Ryan (December 2010)


I want to thank your for the wonderful service you provided to my family. When we arrived at Port Orleans French Quarter earlier than planned, our stroller was already waiting for us. I couldn't believe how easy it was to fold and unfold. I was nervous about our kids being too big for the stroller. This stroller was a dream! My kids way a combined total of 80 pounds and they still rolled along in this stroller as easily as if the stroller were empty. My son got overwhelmed at times in the parks and found the stroller to be a great place to retreat--and nap! We also found the storage under the seats to be great. We were able to fit a Vera Bradley "mailbag" and a small cooler, plus other random items with room to spare. By the time we return to Disney, my daughter may be too old for a stroller but we'll still be renting a single stroller for my son. Thanks again for making our Disney vacation extra perfect! - Rachelle Bowman (December, 2010)


I just wanted to let you this was the first time we have been to Disney World in many years and the first time with a child (4 year old.) We made a few mistakes on planning the trip but the best thing we did was rent a stroller from you and your company. Our stroller was waiting for us when we arrived at our motel and it was the biggest blessing of our whole trip. It was comfortable for our daughter and it was comfortable for us to maneuver from park to park. We visited all the parks and were on the go nearly every day and if one thing made things easier, it was our stroller. I saw parents carrying their kids or renting some bad plastic type stroller and their kids were miserable. Bottom line - we were able to enjoy more of the parks because we rented a good, reliable stroller. Again, thanks for the great service & the reliable stroller. The Hoffman Family (November 2010)