Wilderness Lodge Flag Lowering Dinner – November 30, 1997

Wilderness Lodge Flag Lowering Dinner

November 30, 1997


If anyone has pictures from this RADP meet, please let me know. Anyone else wishing to contribute their thoughts on the evening, please email me also.

Sue Simone Writes:
The WL radp meet was wonderful. Stan, our guide, gave an informative tour of the hotel, how it was built and the folklore behind the decor. We did have a wonderful surprise in that Stan was allowed to take one family up to the roof for the flag lowering.

One representative from each family was asked to select a number from 1-100. The family with the number closest to the number chosen by Stan would win the trip to the roof. Our daughter, Chris, had selected a number for our family. Since we very, very rarely win anything we were just enjoying the moment
and expecting to be with the group on the 7th floor. I guess you know by now where this is leading….we won!

Well, the group went up to the 7th floor to wait for the start of the tour while my husband, daughter, and I went up an enclosed flight of stairs which led to a staircase that you can see from the lobby. We took those stairs to the roof. From the door leading to the roof, you enter a metal open grate stairway which goes up another flight to a small section of the roof where the flags were hanging. I can easily understand why the management decided that a large group of people would not be appropriate (especially with wet weather).

The American flag was still up, while the other side flags were already down for the evening. Stan explained how to lower the flag, how to keep it off the ground and then how to correctly fold the flag. My daughter was thrilled and so was I! He explained how the 3 stars visible on the folded flag was the
rank held by Gen. Washington. A history lesson bonus! 😉

We then were able to look at the view. It was breathtaking in the twilight! We could see the hotels from LBV, as well as the local hotels, Contemporary, Poly, GF, etc. Epcot and MGM lights were also seen in the distance. Stan even pointed out where the Tree of Life would be on the horizon. An early tour would probably see this much more clearly but it was great nonetheless! Stan then escorted us down to the group to begin our tour of this majestic hotel.

The group then assembled downstairs to await our table for dinner. Since the evening was quickly going by and it was a school nite, we had reluctantly decided to forego our original plan of dinner with the group and start our hour ride home. It was a wonderful evening.

gardenia: Thank you so much for organizing this event. It was GREAT!

TTYL, Sue (Who is still flying from last night!)

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