Where to Dine Christmas Day

ALL EARS® Readers were surveyed as to where in WDW they would like to eat on Christmas Day.

The top two choices left the competition in the dust: Liberty Tree Tavern and Cinderella's Royal Table (both in the Magic Kingdom). Third place goes to Artist Point in the Wilderness Lodge. Honorable mention goes to: Chef Mickey's (Contemporary), California Grill (Contemporary), Crystal Palace (Magic Kingdom), 50's Prime Time Cafe (Disney's Hollywood Studios) and Victoria and Albert's (Grand Floridian).

Here are your recommendation for Christmas dinner! If you'd like to include your thoughts, email us!

I would recommend eating at the 50's Prime Time Cafe because not only do you get a good meal but everyone loves to go to moms for Christmas. Where else but 50's can you find mom and all your aunts and uncles to welcome you HOME!!!! (Debbie Jeffers)

I would recommend 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian. The excellent buffet would provide a delicious Christmas feast. There is also a children's selection too. It's a character meal, so Pooh and his friends can entertain the children while parents dine. The elegance of the resort and the Christmas decorations will add to any families holiday dreams. (Wendy Young)

I definitely recommend eating at Artist Point on Christmas Day. The feeling and aromas of a northwest forest is a wonderful holiday feeling – not to mention how beautifully the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge is decorated for the season. The food and service at Wilderness Lodge is wonderful – it's one of our favorite Disney restaurants any time of year, but for the holidays, it can't be beat. (Sharon Sejda)

I recommend eating at the Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge. We have always enjoyed the food, and the service is excellent! My wife and I are both vegan, and with a days notice, the chef prepared the best meals we had during our stay. He even made a delicious vegan apple pie for dessert. The Wilderness Lodge was very beautifully decorated last Christmas when we were there. (Garry Palm)

I think Boma at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge would have to be my choice. It's new, the food is great and I think the Christmas decorations will have to be one of a kind. (Charlotte Johnson)

Last Christmas, we ate at the California Grill and it was wonderful!!! Not only did we have a terrific meal, but we were able to keep the menus that were specially printed for the day for a souvenir. We ended our evening with seeing the fireworks. It was not only magical but a wonderful ending to a truly wonderful Christmas. (Mary Horvath)

Last Christmas we dined at Chef Mickey's dinner at the Contemporary. We loved it. Chef Mickey's has always been a favorite for our family but there's something even more special when it's Christmas Day. We purchased the photo of our family with Mickey in his Christmas attire. It will be a treasure for years to come. (Kenna Washington)

My recommendation for dining on Christmas Day in WDW would be the character breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table in the Castle at the Magic Kingdom. We luckily got 8AM priority seating, had a great table, a great breakfast, great characters (such as Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine and Snow White) and were then ready to spend Christmas Day in the most magical place of all. (Ken Calden)

If I could pick one place to eat at Walt Disney World, it would have to be at Cinderella Castle (Cinderella's Royal Table). There is nothing like looking down Main Street and seeing the Castle. It is such a special place. It is where you can feel like royalty even when you know that your time will also "strike midnight" and reality will eventually bring you "back home." It is that magical place where any person of any age can feel special. Christmas is a very special holiday and the Castle would be the perfect place to eat a meal.( Eileen Manken)

If you have children, I highly recommend, the Crystal Palace. We were there over Christmas last year. The characters there take great time and care to spend a lot of time with the kids. The food was great, we ate there again the next night! You are in a great spot to step out and watch the fireworks and parade! (Karen Rosenberger)

I have never been there on Christmas Day, but have been there for the season. If I were there I would probably want to do a quiet family dinner in a "Home away from Home" Disney Vacation Club resort with all the holiday trimmings. (Gary Fisher)

Liberty Tree Tavern – Magic Kingdom – this has to be the perfect place. You are going to want to be at the MK on Christmas, so the location is perfect. The meal is served family style. The cuisine is perfect for a traditional Christmas dinner. It is also more fun than a buffet. The interior of the restaurant, the colonial atmosphere, is also what would make if feel like a "Old Time Christmas". This would be the best place to have Christmas dinner at WDW. (Robert Hopson)

I have to say I am in love with Narcoosees (Grand Floridian) – I have never had a bad meal there (and I have been going to WDW every 2 years around the holidays for most of my like) Granted, it is a fairly new restaurant, in terms of my attendance, but nevertheless….their Tiramisu is to die for! My husband and I have even requested the recipe and now make it for our families over the holidays when we are home to put it together and enjoy it. The chefs there were more than willing to share this recipe and it has become part of a "traditional" holiday feast at our house. No question about it! (Kerry Prodorutti)

My choice for Christmas dining would have to be 'Ohana at the Polynesian. 'Ohana means family and that's what Christmas is all about. It's fun and relaxing. The tropical setting is most appealing to those of us from the snow belt. Kids have entertaining activities and everyone enjoys lots of good food. Plus, it's out of the hubbub of the parks, but just a short monorail ride to MK. (Karen Cangero)

I would definitely have Christmas dinner at Restaurant Akershus in Norway, in EPCOT. We all have our Norman Rockwell visions of our dream American Christmas, but a visit to the stave church and Christmas in a country so far to the north that there are not only six months of darkness, but a close proximity to the north pole, would give me a magical chill. This would also allow you to stroll the World Showcase before or after to see how each of the other countries decorate themselves in honor of a very special babies birth. Jim Rouse

If I had to choose a place at Disney to dine on Christmas Day I would have to choose any hotel that had room service. Ordering a special meal and eating in my room with my family would be the best way to start off or end the day. (Denise Ray)

Where to celebrate Christmas dinner whilst at Disney World? The answer is simple: Merry Olde England, where so many of our "American" Christmas traditions originated! The Rose & Crown, with its cozy, traditional pub interior is the perfect place to forget about the 70 degree Florida sunshine for a few hours and pretend to be enjoying a White Christmas tucked in a friendly pub in the Cotswolds or Cambridgeshire. Since it gets dark fairly early in Florida at that time of year, one can extend the illusion somewhat by an after-sunset stroll through the lovely landscape of the English pavilion; stop for a quiet moment at the back of the gardens to reflect on the birth of Jesus–the true meaning of the season. (Douglas Florey)

While there are many excellent places to dine and all with great decorations there is one that shines through. Tony's Town Square A window table gives you a great view of all the decorations, the festivities and the Christmas parade! In all WDW, the Magic Kingdom is the closest to Walt's vision and the Town Square is that magic place where you first saw the castle, or experienced Walt's dream of a simpler time back in his home town. It seems to capture the true essence of Christmas. (Pete Sapio)

Any day is a holiday at our favorite in the Wilderness Lodge. Whispering Canyon Cafe looks out on the lobby of the hotel with the decorated tree that seems to reach the rafters. Sitting by the fire in a rocking chair really makes a memory of Christmas past. The food… great and what a better time to be served by the likes of Chuck Wagon and his friends Barbi Cue and Ivana Diamond wearing Santa hats. I don't think that the wait staff can assume character names any more but they still pack a mean water pistol…. so don't put them elbows on the table if you know what's good for you. (Keith Bylander family…. Clearwater, Florida)

Although anywhere would be fine at Disney to dine, as long as my family was there with me, the best place to dine is the Wilderness Lodge (and I don't just mean eating in the restaurant). I could sit in the lobby and eat a big slice of pizza and consume the vast array of holiday decor. The atmosphere is so warm and cozy. Music, decorations, and food are wonderful here. The enormous tree in the lobby is a grand site.
Everyone there is in the spirit for Christmas. The gingerbread and candy village are spectacular. There is a warmth by the fire and presents under the trees. I love to be away from home for Christmas as long as I'm at the Wilderness Lodge with my family. (Aimee Hull)

I went to Walt Disney World on Christmas day in 1986. And we ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the car. We were so happy to be there that it didn't matter. My parents didn't have much extra money and all they could afford was the tickets. It was our first winter without snow and they wanted to make it special. It was. I'm going to WDW this year for my 10th wedding anniversary and it is the happiest place on earth. (Tammy Kennedy )

I have not been to the world on Christmas, but I was there on Christmas Eve. What I would do is to spend the day in the park and then have a nice, quiet, family picnic in the hotel room, with a CD of Christmas songs, and giving gifts to my family- maybe what I bought them in the park. I think it would be nice to eat in the park, but I believe Christmas is about family, and so, I think that I should be with mine, celebrating them, and taking a minute away from Disney- probably the only one all year.. 😉 You could also spend the evening decorating your hotel room for the holiday! 😉 (Robison)