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Cuisines: American
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Reviewed by mrspierce39 Review Date: 01/16/2013

Rating: (1)
Not Recommended

Only if you are desperate. Really . Really bottom of the barrel quick food but expensive. Pass on this one. Worst burgers and fries. Do not waste your money.




Poor food
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Reviewed by kingboy Review Date: 01/11/2013

Rating: (8)

This was our first time eating here. We enjoyed the slection of foods. Food quality was good. Overall was a bit pricy, but that holds true for most all Disney restraunts. We had a free dinning plan so cost was not an issue for us. Tables were a bit small for a group of 4 but managable.


Took order quickly / receieved food quickly


over priced
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Reviewed by MWS Review Date: 01/01/2013

Rating: (6)

Ate here Dec 2012, went to the first bay, chicken, since the lines were the shortest. Ordered quickly but had quite a wait to receive the food. Had the grilled chicken, was cooked correctly but not much in the way of taste. Other family members went through the burger line, which took much longer. Hard to find a seat and it was hard to get near the condiment station. The kids got a kick out of Sunny Eclipse. The 3 different bays for food seem to streamline the ordering process but if you have kids that want different types of food it could be difficult ordering for everyone.


Range of menu items


can get very crowded
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