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Grizzly Peak



The “Wetter the Better” is the motto of this thrilling raft adventure that sends you roaring down an abandoned mine and rushing on a river through the scenic foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It’s one of Disney’s tallest, longest, fastest rapids rides yet!



Grizzly River RunGrizzly River Run is a wild, wet river-rafting adventure.

Charge down a churning California river through:

* Whitewater rapids
* Mountain caverns
* Thundering waterfalls
* Heart-pounding drops into river gorges!



Height Requirement: 42″ (106 cm) or taller.

Lighning Lane access for Grizzly River Run is available with the purchase of Genie+. The standby lines can still be pretty long. Try riding first thing in the morning before queues develop, or during the afternoon parade.

This is a pretty wild water ride, so don’t ride it if you have heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated by a rough coaster. Expectant mothers should not ride, either.

Guests in wheelchairs must transfer out to experience this attraction.



Koda and Kenai, from the recent Disney film Brother Bear, can be found at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, just across from Grizzly River Rapids.



The closest restaurant is Taste Pilot’s Grill, located in Condor Flats, or the restaurants in the Pacific Wharf area.

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Rain ponchos are available in Rushin’ River Outfitters, the shop next to Grizzly River Run. Rushin’ River Outfitters also has wilderness-costumed character plush and other souvenirs.

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Height of Grizzly Peak is 110 feet.

Height of Grizzly River Run lift is 45 feet.

The length of the ramp is 300 feet and ride’s longest drop is 22 feet.

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How long is Grizzly River Run?

The ride takes 7 Minutes

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Will Grizzly River Run make me motion sick?

The motion level is Medium.
White water raft that spins and turns. You will get wet.

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