Golden Zephyr Paradise Gardens Park Disney California Adventure

Golden Zephyr



The Golden Zephyr recalls the rocket ships of 1940s sci-fi movies. Shiny silver rockets lift riders off the ground and spin them gently over the waters of Paradise Bay.



The Golden Zephyr is located on the edge of Paradise Bay next to Jumpin’ Jellyfish. Riders queue around the base in the shade of the attraction’s platform before climbing the steps up to the loading area. There are six rocket ships, each seating up to 12 people.

After everyone has boarded the rocket ships begin moving around in a circle. As the speed increases, centrifugal force causes the ships to slowly rise and move outward to fly over Paradise Bay. At the end of the 90 second ride the ships slow and gradually descend back to the loading platform.



The Golden Zephyr is a slow-loading attraction and the line doesn’t move very quickly. It is often not operating due to wind conditions, and does not operate in the rain.

The ships slowly go around in a circle several times. Though the ride is very gentle and smooth, it could aggravate those with extreme motion sickness. Since it rises 20′ above Paradise Bay, those who who are afraid of heights should consider the advisability of riding.

There is no height requirement to ride the Golden Zephyr, but children must be able to sit un-aided. Since there is no door, children should board first.

Those in wheelchairs or ECVs should proceed through the regular queue then take the elevator up to the loading platform. They must be able to transfer into the rocket car to experience this attraction.

The closest restrooms are located next to Paradise Garden Grill.



Young children should be accompanied by an adult.

There are no characters associated with this attraction. Check the Daily Times guide for other Character Meet and Greet opportunities.



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The Golden Zephyr opened with Disney California Adventure on February 8, 2001.

The rocket cars were inspired by rocket ships in classic movies like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.

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