The Mickey Challenge: Disney Magic

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1) I lead the way when we set sail,
Without my broom, without a pail.
I watch for beach or hidden rock,
I am the first to reach the dock.

2) Below the deck, above the sea,
You'll find the place where I would be.
Gliding on my water craft,
You'll find me not if you look aft.

3) Brave fisherman of yesteryear,
To honor them I wear their gear.
You'll see me as you board or leave,
There is no water up my sleeve.

4) I'm in the ship, not on the deck,
Now look up – don't strain your neck.
With a microphone and tails – I look quite dapper,
I am the mouse, not the quacker.

5) I see you enter, I see you pass,
As Captain here upon the glass.
If shopping then, would be your pleasure,
Come on in and find a treasure.

6) With telescope as tool to search,
A sailor's nest in this crow's perch.
If candy or trinkets you have in mind,
Come on in – see what you find.

7) Look upwards at the points of light,
And you will see a familiar sight.
Located where the children play,
It looks like night when it is day.

8) You will see my hands to steer the wheel,
Where the young ones come to laugh and squeal.
Imagination makes this trip,
When you play upon this ship.

9) Glamour, beauty, stars and passion,
Dressed in gold, I am in fashion.
See me once and you will know,
I represent a "reel" good show.

10) Time for a swim – take a ride,
I'll lend a hand then, as you slide.
While in the pool I think you'll smile,
When you see my grand profile.

11) My name you'll see upon the door,
But it's the name I had before.
When I was drawn in black and white,
My first time on screen with light.

12) Up, up and away
On your way to play,
You'll see my gal and me
Looking outward to the sea.

13) On the wall – right in your room,
Am I a fixture or cartoon?
If a book you'd like to read at night,
Turn me on – I'll be your light.

I cannot be found aboard the ship,
But at the onset of this trip.
Suited up in scuba gear,
With air tanks full – so have no fear.

And the answers? Well, you'll just have to find them on the Disney Magic!