REVIEW: You Can Only Order EPCOT’s NEW Secret Menu Item 3 Days of the Week

Regal Eagle Smokehouse is one of our favorite restaurants to visit when walking around EPCOT’s World Showcase pavilions. So it should come to no one’s surprise that when we spotted a new menu item at the restaurant, we had to try it out!

New menu item!

EPCOT’s had quite a bit of BIG news lately with its construction walls coming down to reveal the new CommuniCore Hall and Plaza, a brand new interactive show, another playground area, and a new spot to meet some of your favorite Disney characters. But, if you’re a BIG Regal Eagle Smokehouse fan and happen to time your next EPCOT visit just right, it could earn you a chance to try their secret menu item!

You read that right — this new menu item didn’t make the regular menu offerings. We happened to spot it advertised inside the restaurant by the ordering stations but there’s also something else you should know about this new menu item.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse ordering stations

Regal Eagle Smokehouse has limited this new entree to only be available to order on specific days of the week. Currently, this means you can only grab this new item on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. So what exactly is this new offering that makes it so elusive? Say hello to the Barbecued Pulled Chicken Sandwich.

Barbecued Pulled Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich is made of barbecued pulled chicken on a brioche bun topped with house-made pickles, coleslaw, and an onion ring. You’ll also have your choice of side with the sandwich served for $12.29. And we gotta admit — this sandwich really surprised us!

Back of the sandwich

When biting into the sandwich, if we didn’t know it was made with chicken we probably couldn’t have tasted the difference from Regal Eagle’s normal pork sandwich. This totally could have been because it was smothered in barbecue sauce (which probably also gave it a bit of that low heat we tasted). The house-made pickle and coleslaw were both good and crunchy but didn’t make it extra saturated. The onion ring placed on top was a familiar addition to the sandwich but we wouldn’t have minded one or two more.

Cut in half

While the sandwich itself tastes great, we do need to issue a word of caution with it. We wouldn’t let this one sit too long because its soft brioche bun does tend to get soggier leading to a bigger mess to clean up as you’re trying to eat it. Overall we thought this was a good addition to the menu and we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on it to see if it continues to stay limited to being offered only a few days of the week or if it could earn a place on the regular menu items offered daily.

It’s so pretty

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Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Crafts Drafts & Barbecue Restaurant

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Menus: Lunch/Dinner
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