PHOTOS: The Highly Anticipated Dark Universe Coaster Is TESTING at Epic Universe!

AHH! We are so excited to see all the exciting construction updates coming to Universal’s Epic Universe, opening in 2025.

Dark Universe Portal – ©Universal

Some of the most recent construction updates showed lots of trees being planted in a few different areas of the park, as well as testing starting on some of the water features. But now? Now we know a new roller coaster in Dark Universe is testing too!

We knew that the new coaster — rumored to be called the Curse of the Werewolf — would be a family-style spinning coaster that could potentially revolve around Wolfman’s werewolf transformation. But now we’re getting to see the actual ride vehicles!

Right now, the coaster has water-filled test dummies riding it to ensure the ride’s safety for guests, which is what those blue things on the vehicle are.

And they don’t just have one coaster running — they’ve got two cars going at one time! In this photo, one car is entering the station just as the other one is leaving. We aren’t yet sure just how many cars can be on the track safely at one time.

And WHOA, they weren’t kidding when they said these ride vehicles spin! Just look at that vehicle — almost every car is facing a different direction!

Here’s a closer look at the turning ride vehicles, right before it heads into the barn.

We also know a little about how this ride runs too, thanks to @bioreconstruct on X/Twitter who not only grabbed these photos but saw the rides testing in real-time. When guests first come out of the barn, they won’t complete the turn, meaning they’ll rush backward through the barn. Then they’ll stall at the other side, and be propelled forward enough to make it over that first turn again.

The manor in the land is also coming along very well, which is where the main attraction in this land will be. This attraction will reportedly use the Kuka Arm ride system popularized by Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey to take guests through the sprawling estate, which will reportedly feature many of the titular Universal Monsters including Frankenstein’s monster, as well as Dracula.

And, following along with our last update — trees are being planted in this land too!

The setting of this land is reportedly (and the construction is making it look like this is true) a quaint European village — similar to the ones featured in classic Universal horror films like Frankenstein. The villagers live in fear of the monsters returning, and OH NO, here they are!


We’re still about a year away from the proposed opening of this new land (which has been said to be “well before Summer 2025”), but we’ll be keeping you updated on all the latest construction news, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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Which attraction are you more excited for in this land? Tell us in the comments!

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