We Have a NEW Look at the HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED Universal Dark Universe

The Dark Universe is about to dawn…

Dark Universe Portal – Universal

While no official date has been announced yet, all signs continue to indicate that Universal’s Epic Universe is set to open as scheduled in 2025. The highly-anticipated new park is going to be home to several new lands – Portals in its parlance – themed to intellectual properties like an east coast version of Super Nintendo World, the How to Train Your Dragon-themed Isle of Berk, a new installment of the Wizarding World, and arguably the most anticipated of of all: Dark Universe, the home of the Universal Monsters.

The Universal Monsters – the overarching name given to Universal’s interpretations of classic horror characters including Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the Wolf Man – have been part of the studio since the silent era, and they’ve had a presence in Universal’s parks since the modern version of the Studio Tram Tour opened 60 years ago. However, it’s been nothing like this…

“It’s alive! It’s alive!” is incribed on the portal to Dark Universe at Universal Epic Universe. ©Universal

From everything we know so far, Dark Universe promises to offer the Universal Monsters land you’ve always dreamed of… or had nightmares about. Described by Universal as being home to everything from the “the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein to a shadowy landscape where monsters roam, Dark Universe is a world of myth and mystery.” The land is themed to a European village (rumored to be called Darkmoor) in the style of Universal’s classic monster films.

The land’s main draws are scheduled to be a massive dark ride (most rumors point to the attraction being based on Frankenstein ) using this Kuka Arm ride system first featured on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey that will take you through the Frankenstein Estate, encountering various monsters including Dracula and a spinning family coaster themed to the Wolf Man. In addition, there are expected to be numerous shopping and dining locations, including a dining spot themed to the iconic “flaming windmill” scene from Universal’s version of Frankenstein.

Recently, construction photo-extraordinaire BioReconstruct shared some new images of Dark Universe’s construction progress on X (formerly Twitter).

These images really reveal the level of detail in the land’s European village facade.

On the grand scale, the land’s full landscaping, including a large amount trees, will immerse you in the land, giving the feeling of truly being a haunted forest with no means of escape.

The land’s finer details are coming into view. For example, take a look at the progress on the aforementioned restaurant themed to the flaming windmill – rumored to be called the Burning Blade Tavern.

There’s also heavy progress on both of Dark Universe’s major rides.  Not only is  much of the theming in place for the Curse of the Werewolf coaster…

… but Universal is also consistently testing the coaster’s trains.

Of note, thematic elements of the ride vehicles are still being shielded from view.

Meanwhile, the MASSIVE face that will be home to the Monster’s Unleashed dark ride rises over the entirety of the land.

Upon closer inspection, the lush details that adorn the building come into focus. If the facade is this good, imagine how great the ride inside will be?

These NEW looks at Dark Universe have us even more excited about the land, and on the edge of our seat for its official announcement and opening. Stay tuned to AllEars for further Epic Universe updates.

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