A Disney Fantasyland-Inspired 😱Basement:😱 Exists — And You Need To See It!

We’re Disney fans. Of course, we’ve got Disney stuff all over our houses. In fact, some of us have rooms with specific Disney themes.

Fantasyland in Disneyland

You can see our ears collection hanging on our walls, and we’ve got pin boards with our pin collection hanging up in our office. We’ve probably even got several Disney character plushies scattered about. However, one man in Utah went TOTALLY Disney adult because he gave his entire basement a Fantasyland-inspired upgrade (and honestly, we’re a little jealous).

According to Fox 13 News, Travis Larson, who lives in Riverdale, Utah, has designed his basement around Disneyland’s Fantasyland. He started the project way back in 2011, and it’s finally close to completion. We have to say, it looks great. Although it was a lot of work, Larson said, “I think it’s been pretty fun.” We agree.

©Travis Larson via People

He spent over $5,000 to create a downstairs space that features nods to some iconic Fantasyland attractions, including Snow White’s Scary Adventure (which was re-themed and reopened as Snow White’s Enchanted Wish in 2021), Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Peter Pan’s Flight.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

What’s really interesting is that Larson is a former railroad conductor (Walt would approve considering how much he loved trains) who now works for a construction company that works with steel. He spent the past 12 years working on his 2,200-square-foot basement when he wasn’t at work.  Now, that’s dedication.

Why Disneyland? Larson spent some time trying to decide on themes, but it was when he started looking at photos of Disneyland that inspiration struck. “I liked Disneyland a lot, the way they do their styles,” Larson said. “Their aesthetic is just unique, and I really liked the fantasy, German-esque feel, if you will. So that’s kind of how I landed upon this theme.”

©Travis Larson via People

Almost all of the materials he used for the basement upgrade were recycled or handmade. He also focused on a lot of details, including handmade doorknobs, hand-painted lanterns, and Disney sounds he recorded himself while in Disneyland. He even created his themed basement so that it has a day and night mode.

What you might find most impressive, though, is that there are REAL rooms behind some of these tiny doors. One room is his workshop, while the other is his daughter’s room. We’re sure these are core memories unlocked for her!

©Travis Larson via People

Larson isn’t quite done yet, though. He says there are some things like “plants and stuff” that he would still like to add, as well as flower beds. He also wants to do a little more painting, but ultimately, most of the project is complete.  He’s also happy to keep making a little more magic when he can. He said, “To see that someone has got a little bit of excitement from what I created. That’s the reward.”

©Travis Larson via People

Want to see more about Larson’s process in how he created Fantasyland in his basement? He’s uploaded a series of YouTube videos detailing much of his process.

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