10 Disney World Photos From the ’90s That SCREAM Gen Z Disney Adult

You likely know a Disney adult when you see one…heck a lot of us probably are one!

We’re all Disney adults here

It’s those of us who have grown up loving Disney, going to Disney World, Disneyland, or the other Disney parks, and have seen nearly every single Disney movie. You can spot a Disney adult a mile away since they most likely have a Disney shirt, backpack, purse, or other accessory on. Oh, and we have ALL the Disney souvenirs. However, Gen Z Disney adults are doing things a bit differently from the Millennials and Gen X Disney adults, and these 10 pictures showcase it perfectly.

When Millenials and Gen X go to the parks, you can probably find them decked out in Disney attire. From bougie ears to their Loungefly to matching shirts with their family, Millenials, and Gen X do things a bit differently from Gen Z.

Emma, Quincy, and DFB Cassie at TRON Lightcycle / Run

We’ve noticed Gen Z is coming to the Disney World parks with one thing on their mind — photo opportunities. These Disney adults are dressing like Disney World is a fashion show, and they have come prepared! It reminds us a lot of these pictures from a 1994 Vogue photo shoot!


You might notice that Gen Z is coming to the parks ready to find their next Instagram-worthy pictures, kind of like this model from the ’90s!


We seriously think that Prince Charming Regal Carrousel is a great idea for a photo op, and we’ll be using this idea soon.


We don’t know if we’ll be wearing a micro suit to EPCOT any time soon, but if you’re hoping for an adorable photo shoot with Mickey and friends, it certainly looks cute!


We might have seen this exact photo taken last week! (Just kidding, but we wouldn’t be surprised.)


Not only is Gen Z dressing to impress, but they seem to be wearing a lot of the same clothing we saw in the 1990s. Those one-piece jumpsuits have returned to fashion (time to dig them out of the back of our closets)!


Yep, we would seriously wear this outfit today!


We could absolutely see someone recreating this picture in Hollywood Studios, and it would be adorable!


This outfit kind of gives us The Nightmare Before Christmas vibes, and we love it. We would totally wear this for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.


You tell us, was this taken in 1994 or last week? If it wasn’t for the Mickey Mouse doll, we might not be able to tell!


It’s fun looking back at how fashion has changed and then come back in style over the years. It’s also interesting to see the differences in generations and how they “do Disney.” I’ll personally be sticking with my comfiest clothes like the outfit below for the parks, but there are certainly lots of great opportunities for some amazing photos around Disney World! Check out AllEars Style for tons of outfit ideas!

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Would you wear any of these outfits to Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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