You Will Look RIDICULOUS in These Glasses. Here’s Why You Need Them Anyway.

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You might have seen pictures of these wacky glasses floating around on social media. But what are they? And why are we putting them on our next cruise packing list??

Is this a new fashion trend?

No, they aren’t a new TikTok fashion trend. These are actually motion sickness glasses!

We’re breaking down how they work, why you should give them a shot, and our other tried and true tips for avoiding motion sickness.

Cruise ships are a prime cause of motion sickness

What causes motion sickness?

Your brain is constantly processing information coming in from your surroundings and senses movement this way. Essentially, when the signals it’s getting from multiple senses don’t match, you get motion sickness.

Sometimes reading in the car can cause motion sickness

This is why it’s common for people to experience motion sickness when reading in a car, because your eyes are seeing the static words on the page while your inner ears sense the movement of the car (for more information on motion sickness, check out this article from MedlinePlus).

So how do we avoid this? You can use different methods to “trick” your brain, so you can skip the yucky feeling you usually get. Before purchasing any products, make sure to speak with your doctor about whether these are right for you.

Motion Sickness Glasses

Now that we know what causes motion sickness, how do these weird looking glasses help? As you can see, the glasses have frames both on the front and the sides, and these frames are clear and filled with a colored liquid. This liquid moves with you and acts like an artificial horizon for your eyes to receive input from and helps fight that mismatch your senses receive sometimes when you’re on transportation.

Motion Sickness Glasses by Hion

These glasses by Hion also come with a convenient carrying case (in a variety of cute colors and patterns) that protects them when you throw them in your bag. They are lightweight and won’t cause pain by weighing down your ears. Tons of reviews say that they were surprised to say that these glasses really work! If you don’t mind turning a few heads, try these glasses to combat your motion sickness! 

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Motion Sickness Bands

Motion sickness bands are pretty common now, especially for sea sickness. Some brands we rely on are ReliefBands and Sea Bands. These bands come in a variety of styles, so don’t be afraid to try different brands to find one that works for you.

Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Acupressure Wristband for Motion or Morning Sickness

If you’re going on a cruise, we recommend actually wearing these bands for a few days AFTER getting off the ship. This can help combat that rocking feeling you experience in bed after being on the water for so long and help you get a good night’s sleep! 

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These work similarly to the bands, except you apply these small patches to your navel or behind your ear for motion sickness relief. This pack by MQ has over 10,000 reviews and comes with 30 patches, more than enough for a trip. These act quickly, kicking in just after ten minutes of wear, and are non-drowsy.

MQ Motion Sickness Patches

The patches are also safe for children! Keep in mind that these patches are NOT waterproof and need to be removed and reapplied when swimming or showering. Motion sickness sufferers in the reviews swear by these patches, so if you don’t mind reapplying give them a try!

Click here to buy the MQ Motion Sickness Patches!

Tried and True Dramamine

You can find this staple in any airport store for a good reason- Dramamine is an easy over the counter solution to combat motion sickness. We like this small travel sized version.


There are other brands that work similarly- Antivert and Nausicalm are other options you can try out. Take the recommended dosage according to the packaging about thirty minutes to an hour before getting on your form of transportation. Also keep in mind that a side effect of these medications is drowsiness, so make sure you factor that in!

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Other Tips for Avoiding Motion Sickness

Besides these products, there are other easy ways to keep yourself nausea-free:

Consider where you sit. Sitting in the front of a car can help you if you tend to get car-sick.

Stare at something fixed. If you find yourself getting nauseous, find something still to stare at to focus your brain.

Avoid reading or watching videos. Let your brain rest and be present where you are as opposed to trying to concentrate on something else going on on a screen.

Sip on some ginger ale. Ginger is very calming for the stomach, so ask your flight attendant for a ginger ale when the drinks cart comes around. One of our staff members also recommends carrying ginger candies, like these natural ginger Tummydrops.

If you can’t decide what option works best for you, try this Anti-Motion Sickness Kit from Amazon that includes glasses, patches, and arm bands.

Motion sickness, begone! Enjoy your trip without the fear of nausea spoiling your plans. 

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