3 BIG Genie+ Changes Coming to Disney World This Year

This is a safe space. You can admit it. Disney’s paid skip-the-line service Genie+ isn’t perfect. It’s far from perfect, actually. But that doesn’t mean it can’t improve!

Magic Kingdom

Disney has made some big promises about the future of Genie+. This FastPass+ replacement has a lot of haters, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some valuable aspects of the service. Like it or not, Genie+ is probably here to stay. But what’s changing? Let’s talk about it.


Genie+ System Change

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any updates on a BIG Genie+ change Disney teased, but we didn’t forget! Back in 2023, Disney announced that they plan to simplify the Disney Genie+ experience.

Slinky Dog Dash

Disney said, “We have heard from guests that they would like ways to plan with Disney Genie+ service and individual Lightning Lane selections before the day of their park visit, and we want you to know we are working on ways guests may do this for visits in 2024.” Did you catch that? They said, “in 2024.” Well, last time we checked our calendars, it is 2024!

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

If Disney makes it happen, this could be similar to the way things were PRE-Genie+. Back when Disney used FastPass+, you could book FastPasses before you arrived at Disney World, giving you a solid plan in terms of what rides you could knock out each day.

Pirates of the Caribbean

With the current Genie+ system, you must try to get a Lightning Lane reservation on the same day you are in the park. Fingers crossed this could change in 2024!

Genie+ Will Get EASIER With These Updates in Disney World!

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Big change #2? New Genie+ ride addition! YAY! In case you didn’t hear, there’s a NEW Splash Mountain replacement ride opening in Magic Kingdom this June, and it’s called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is “Almost… HERE”

The new ride is still a log flume water attraction, but this one is inspired by Princess and the Frog! Wondering how you can ride? Well, Disney confirmed that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be part of Magic Kingdom’s Genie+ lineup. That means you can pay for the Magic Kingdom (or multiple parks option) Genie+ service and try to reserve a time to skip the line!


This also means that Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will NOT have an Individual (a la carte) Lightning Lane. That means it won’t cost extra in addition to the Genie+ cost if you want to skip the line. That’s good news, right?

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure CONFIRMED for Genie+ When It Opens in Disney World!

Genie+, Simplified

Finally, Disney has alluded to an easier Genie+ user experience. In fact, Disney said, “Our goal is to give you the opportunity to spend less time planning in the park and more time enjoying your visit with friends and family.”

Carousel of Progress

Then, in another message shared with travel agents, Disney revealed that it is making an update to the Genie+ service “soon.” Disney noted that it is still working on ways to simplify the service but hasn’t shared any additional information. We’re keeping our eyes out for more information, so stay tuned for updates.

 Major CHANGES Revealed for Genie+ at Disney World

In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stick around for more.

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