The $2 Way To Get to Universal Orlando From Disney World — Is It Worth It?

Have you heard about a new (and CHEAP) way to get to Disney World from the Orlando Airport?

Lynx Bus Service

We found out that an all-new Lynx bus route (route 311) now goes between Disney Springs and the Orlando Airport! In about an hour, and for $2 one way, you can get to and from the airport to Disney World. However, after looking closely at the route, we thought about another way it could be super convenient!

The Lynx 311 route makes a few stops between Disney Springs and the Orlando Airport. One of those stops caught our attention — Universal Boulevard!


Now, the Universal Boulevard bus stop is NOT right at Universal Orlando, but it does get you close. With just a quick transfer, you could find yourself easily getting from Disney World to Universal Orlando for a quick day trip at the other theme parks. (Because we understand that, while Disney has our hearts, Universal Orlando is sneaking its way in.)

Universal Orlando

There is one route combination that is the most efficient that you can take to go from Disney Springs to security at CityWalk. If you’re staying at a Disney World hotel, you can get to Disney Springs by catching a Disney bus right from your hotel.


Then, once you’re at Disney Springs, we found that the most efficient way to do this is to hop on the 311 Lynx bus, and head to the International Drive Destination Parkway (Orange County Convention Center) stop. From there, you’ll jump on the route 38 bus. Route 38, from the transfer stop, will take you to Universal Boulevard (but don’t get off there) and Hollywood Way (THIS is where you’ll get off). Hollywood Way is where security is for CityWalk!


This one way ride will still only cost you $2! You just need to be sure you ask your 311 bus driver for a transfer ticket so you don’t end up paying again on the 38 bus. There are other ways to make this journey, but the 311 to the 38 seems like it would be the easiest and most efficient way. It will likely take around an hour for the overall trip.

Universal Orlando

Some things to note. If you do get off at Universal Boulevard, you can technically walk to the theme park entrance, however it’s about 5 miles. Also, you can purchase a standard daily ticket for $4.50, so that would be able to get you to Universal and back to Disney Springs. The bus has air conditioning and wifi, but there are no ports to charge your phone.

Lynx bus

Lynx buses also do not have under-the-bus storage, so they ask that you limit your luggage/bags to whatever you can hold in your lap. This is especially important if you’re going between the airport and the theme parks, but also good to know if you’re planning on using the Lynx bus to split your stay between Disney World and Universal hotels. Another note on that is that Disney buses do not allow full-size luggage on them besides things like backpacks.

Overall, for a quick trip to Universal, this could be a good option for you! For more tips and tricks, keep following AllEars!

Who Closes More Attractions: Disney World or Universal Orlando?

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2 Replies to “The $2 Way To Get to Universal Orlando From Disney World — Is It Worth It?”

  1. Agree with the comment below regarding luggage, that seems weird! But also on my last stay, I was in a hotel along the 192 and the Lynx bus was the GREATEST way to get directly to the TTC! Way cheaper than an Uber or even parking and pretty quick, to be fair, for $2. The only downside was that the buses stop relatively early in the evenings so I sometimes had to take a rideshare back to my hotel but it certainly saved me money. Buses start really early too, so I could still rope drop if I wanted to (plus I was jetlagged already and waking at 3AM!)

  2. What do they expect for luggage then coming from the airport? If you are staying for the week people will need more than a backpack.