This VIRAL Celebrity News Has Emma and DFB Cassie HYPED for One SUPER Specific Reason

Let’s go to a place where heartbreak feels good. Where we can be not just entertained — but somehow reborn. We need that, all of us. Is any of this sounding familiar? Does such a place exist? Well, according to Nicole Kidman, this magical place with dazzling images on a huge silver screen is none other than AMC Theaters. They make movies better, apparently.

AMC in Disney Springs

Kidman’s iconic AMC Theaters monologue has been parodied, recreated, and even merchandised. People dress up like AMC Nicole Kidman for Halloween. People buy Loungefly backpacks with her famous pinstripe suit. One simple AMC promotion turned out to be a HUGE moment in pop culture. In fact, even the AllEars staff is obsessed with the Australian AMC queen. So, when we found out that a NEW version of this cultural phenomenon is coming soon, naturally, we FREAKED out. 

Are you sitting down for this? Starting NOW, a new 30-second version of AMC’s Nicole Kidman ad will play at AMC locations across the country. Look out for two additional “never-before-seen-in-theaters” commercials based on the original pre-show; they will debut later this year, per Variety.


Like we said, AMC believes they make movies better. And you know what? We’ll admit it: when the lights dim and Nicole Kidman’s voice narrates, “We come to this place for magic,” we can’t help but mouth the words right there with her. Can’t do that at home, can you?


Dear Nicole Kidman, we salute you. We love you.

Are we going to be a little sad to miss out on the OG version of this ad? Yes. Yes, we are. But heartbreak feels good in a place like this, so we can’t be too upset about it. It’s the changing of the guard (with the same guard, in a slightly different ad), and we’re ready for the change. Now, what movie should we go and see?

In case you didn’t know, there’s a HUGE (seriously, it’s shockingly big in there) AMC Theater in Disney Springs, and they’ve got an ICEE machine and Haribo gummy bears. Need we say more? Despite the fact that it’s literally located IN Disney World, this theater is typically pretty empty, so if you’re in the area, GO HERE. And say hello to Miss AMC herself while you’re at it. We’ll be decked out in our snappiest two-piece suit for the occasion.


If you happen to catch one of the new ads, let us know what you think! In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney news, so stay tuned for more. Oh, and follow @allearsemma and @dfbcassie on Instagram while you’re at it.

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