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It takes more than one person to run this show. Just who are the folks behind

A dedicated group who spend countless hours to bring you the latest news in the most informative and entertaining Walt Disney World website and newsletter available!

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Deb K with Mary Popppins

Debra Martin Koma
Editor AllEars® and AllEars.Net

“Day” Job: Freelance writer

Favorite WDW memory: The first time my son, then 4, saw SpectroMagic and shouted, “Mommy, look at the peacock! Mommy, look at the fish!” He’s 26 now and won’t admit it, but he still thinks that parade is cool. (And so do I!)

Favorite WDW spot to rest: Rest? Who rests when they’re at Disney World? I want to see it all, do it all — No rest for this park commando!

Insider Tip: If at all possible, avoid taking your first trip to Walt Disney World during the crowded, hot summer months. But if you MUST go then, remember to take everything in stride — it will be hot, there will be long lines, and you’ll wonder why everyone raves about how wonderful the World is. Don’t let it get to you! Just try to get an early start to take advantage of the cooler mornings, and then take a pool break in the middle of the day — return to the parks after the temps start to go down and hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy yourselves more. It really is the Most Magical Place on Earth!

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Scott Thomas
Scott Thomas
Picture This! Photo Blogger
Scott’s “Photographic Innoventions” blog focuses on intermediate to advanced photography concepts and techniques relevant for Point and Shoot and Digital SLR cameras.

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Jason Dz AllEars.Net Guest Photographer
Jason Dz
Guest Photographer/Blogger
and Programmer
“Day” Job: – webmaster, blogger, photographer, programmer, manager…Real Job: Digital Communications & Information Services ManagerFavorite Disney Memory: Having the opportunity to visit the Walt Disney Archives Library on the Disney lot in Burbank and listen to Richard Sherman play a couple songs on the piano that was in Walt’s Office. (See a short VIDEO here.)

Insider tip #1:
For all you WDW fans be sure to consider a trip to Walt’s park sometime. Many seem to dismiss Disneyland because of its size and keep going back to Orlando time after time, but now with the Disney California Adventure reboot there is quite a bit to see and many will be surprised at what they find in Anaheim. Size can be a benefit (both because of how big it is, as well as how small it is). Insider tip #2: When visiting the parks, any of them, be sure to force yourself to slow down, take in the sights, enjoy the live entertainment. Do not just rush from attraction to attraction and reservation to reservation. Be anti-My Disney Experience and do not plan every second, wander around and see where the sights/sounds/smellsl take you.
Gloria Konsler
Corresponding Secretary
“Day” Job: Finally retired! I spend my day answering AllEars.Net email and helping out with the grandkids.Favorite WDW Memory: At the end of our very first trip to Walt Disney World, we left the Magic Kingdom via the ferry and everyone cried because we had had such a wonderful time. The sight of the castle getting smaller and smaller in the background was just too much for all of us. We were so sad and so happy all at the same time.Favorite WDW spot to watch Wishes: Right in the middle of Main Street near Casey’s Corner.Favorite WDW romantic spot: On the beach at the Beach Club at night, sitting in one of the swings.Insider Tip: At least once in your life, go to Walt Disney World when the holiday decorations are up.
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Jack Marshall
Jack Marshall
Assistant Webmaster
Keeper of the AllEars® Archives;
Tips Database; and WDW Ticket Historian
“Day” job: Semi-retiredFavorite WDW memory: Spending an entire weekend with 40 or 50 of my best friends who come from all around the world at Walt Disney World every December.Things from WDW’s past I miss the most: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (Magic Kingdom) and Minnie Mia’s (Downtown Disney).Things from WDW’s past I miss the least: Mission to Mars (Magic Kingdom) and the second incarnation of Journey Into Imagination (Epcot).Insider Tip: Do your homework on WDW ticket prices. Don’t assume that Disney is the best one to purchase your tickets from.
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Erin Blackwell
Erin Blackwell
Fort Wilderness; Where in the World Photo Blog; Behind the Scenes Support
Day job: Website design and maintenanceFavorite WDW memory: I once met a family from Kenya in Animal Kingdom and enjoyed one of the most special moments of my life. It was everything Walt Disney pictured for his guests.Favorite WDW spot: The castle view from Loop 300 at Fort Wilderness. Also, seeing the white herons asleep in the Animal Kingdom trees, like pieces of moonlight caught in the branches.Favorite WDW romantic spots: Animal Kingdom and the World Showcase at night. Riding together in our electric cart at night in Fort Wilderness, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.Things from WDW’s past I miss the most: The double decker buses in World Showcase. They were great for appreciating the architecture as well as rescuing tired feet!Insider Tip: Research what’s closed during your trip before planning to see it; same with dining reservations. It avoids disappointment. And when you meet a good Cast Member, contact Guest Services. Your thanks will help them achieve rewards and guests get more great Cast Members!Photography Tip: Keep those pictures safe! Back them up or use multiple chips! I’ve twice lost photos from entire trips, and now download them as a backup.
Joan Feder
Feature Writer, Photo of the Week Editor; Behind the Scenes Support

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