Everything We Know About Celestial Park at Universal Epic Universe

It’s safe to say that theme park fans everywhere are pretty exited for Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe to officially open.


We recently got some BIG news regarding the all-new theme park, and it took us from being excited to being STOKED. Universal shared that Epic Universe will consist of five lands: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Ministry of Magic, Super Nintendo World, How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk, Dark Universe, and Celestial Park. Everything starts at Celestial Park, though, as it serves as a sort of “gateway” to the other lands. Let’s talk about it!

Here is EVERYTHING we know so far about Epic Universe’s Celestial Park.


Celestial Park is where you will enter Epic Universe, so the land acts as a sort of “grand entrance.” The theming of the land is based on the idea that Celestial Park is a “world between worlds,” where the energy of the universe is harnessed to create the “portals” to the other four lands.


The land will feature details inspired by the cosmos, from rides and shops to restaurants and a hotel.


You’ll enter Celestial Park (and Epic Universe itself) underneath the chronos clock tower. This serves as a “portal” into the land. Each of the other four lands also have portals, each themed to their respective land.

The portal for Super Nintendo World ©Universal

Celestial Park’s portal features a more subtle theming that reflects the idea that this land is where the universe’s power is harnessed for the other lands. It’s also a bit grander than the others!


Once you enter the portal, though, the theming gets a bit more intense.

What will the land feature?

We’ll start with what everyone is most excited for: THE RIDES! So far, we know that two new rides will be located in Celestial Park.

Firstly, there will be Starfall Racers. The coaster will reach speeds of 62 mph and 133 feet high. The coolest part? The coaster will perform a “Celestial Spin” where the two coaster vehicles do an inverted crisscross while speeding through the air. To ride, you’ll need to be at least 48 inches tall.


Next, there will be he Constellation Carousel. Onboard, the constellations glide forward, and backward, and make 360-degree rotations on the carousel. The carousel will serve as the “grand centerpiece” of the land, and will feature animal-renderings of the constellations that make up the night sky. This one has no height requirement!


Astronomica is an interactive wet-play area that is also a giant compass to show the way to the other lands. It will feature crystal blue fountains that guests can play with.


Now, let’s talk FOOD.

Several dining spots are coming to Celestial Park as well! This includes Atlantic, which is a full-service “surf and turf” restaurant. It’s set inside a Victorian aquarium with incredible views of the land.


The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant is another full-service restaurant serving authentic Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food with neon dragons and lanterns all around.


Other dining spots include The Oak & Star Tavern serving barbecue and Pizza Moon serving a variety of pizzas.

There will be gift shops as well. You can shop at the Nintendo Super Star Store. The shop will be full of your favorite merchandise themed to Super Nintendo World. Moonship Chocolates & Celestial Sweets will help ya kick that sweet tooth.


At the end of Celestial Park, you’ll see the Universal Helios Grand Hotel. It will be such an awesome experience to actually stay INSIDE the park. Oh, and talk about an easy commute to all the fun the next day.


There will also be entertainment available, but all we know so far is that there will be various fountain shows across its seven acres of water. The water will even reach heights of 135 feet to music and interactive lighting all day long!

Concept Art and Video

Universal shared more concept art of the land that can serve as a greater representation of the theming and what to expect.


We can’t wait to see how it all looks in person!

Celestial Park ©Universal

Plus, you can take an even deeper dive into the land by watching this video that Universal shared on YouTube.

And there you have it! We’re keeping an eye out for more Epic Universe news, so make sure to follow along so that you never miss a thing.

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