Based on Your Horoscope, THIS Is Your Disney Souvenir Soulmate

Finding just the right souvenir to take home from your Disney vacation can be overwhelming.

Magic Kingdom

With so many options to choose between toys, clothes, experiences, jewelry, and more we know it’s enough to make your head spin. However, we think we’ve nailed down your best option for a Disney souvenir and all we need to know about you is your horoscope sign.

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 If you’re dreading the inevitable hunt during your vacation to track down the PERFECT souvenir that’s tailored just for you… don’t worry; we’ve already taken the hard part out for you!

Shopping for Disney merch!

Let’s see how close we got to matching you with your Disney souvenir soulmate based on your horoscope sign.


As the leader of the pack, you’re ready for anything, so we think the latest version of Magicband+ fits you best!


Magicband+ not only functions as your park ticket and hotel room door and payment method when staying in a Disney World hotel, but it also can do a few other fun things now like interact with character statues around the parks, buzz and light up during nighttime spectaculars, and allow you to bounty hunt around Galaxy’s Edge.

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We get it.. nothing too flashy and you’ll need to make good use of it. We think you’ll do just fine with a souvenir T-shirt.


You’ll do just fine taking in the memories from your own experience and locking them away to pull out for later and enjoy but a nice shirt would be a good way to commemorate your trip and say “I was there.”

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There are so many ways you want to express yourself and not everything is as one dimensional as it seems with you. This is why we think pin trading suits you best.

2024 Pin Trading Starter Kit

You’ll want to pick out just the right lanyard (maybe even a reversible one), to show off your funky flair, but each of the pins you choose to tack on to your collection helps you tell your story just as you’d like.

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You sweet, emotional Cancer. Disney World is allll the feelings for you, all at once, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if you were matched with something to keep it all in one place?


We’ve got you! An autograph book is a GREAT way to hold on to those memories to revisit every time you break it out after your trip and if you’re feeling a little splurgy, opt to snag the ones that have the photo-holding pages so you’ll have that captured memory for years to come!

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Leos KNOW what they want and if it hits the high end of the scale on the dramatic side, we know we’re getting warmer.

The Little Mermaid Ear Headband

Thankfully, Disney has just the thing. We’re thinking super sparkly Minnie ears for any day to make your vacation the best one yet… and, they make great wall decor!

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Practicality is probably your middle name so if you’re looking to spend your hard-earned money on something to take back home from your trip, it HAS to be useful.

Popcorn Buckets

We think this is where a popcorn bucket fits you best. If we’ve caught your interest, allow us to explain. You’ll be able to get super cheap popcorn refills after your initial bucket purchase AND they make great collectible items to display at home!


It’s all about balance with you… you’ll need something fun but functional; we’ve found the perfect compromise!


You’ll swoon over a Loungefly backpack to call your own! So you’ll have some fun Disney-inspired swag to wear around the parks while on vacation, while also being able to put it to good use when you’re home and talk about your Disney trip.

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We get you, too! You’re looking for something thoughtful, but not too flashy. That’s why we’re leaning into your emotional side with a personalized ornament.

Personalized Ornament

You can stop by several stores around Disney World like Days of Christmas at Disney Springs or Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe and pick out an ornament to commemorate your next Disney trip. There are so many styles to personalize between phrases, dates, names, and even a few extra art details that can be added to truly make it your own.


Ok, you’re totally going to go bananas over something that won’t take itself so seriously, and we know JUST the thing for you!

Cat Sushi Key Chains!

We’ve spotted several things around EPCOT at stores like House of Good Fortune and Mitsukoshi where you can grab a souvenir and get a good laugh out of it at the same time. Now the question is just how can you pack up the whole store and get it home with you?


You don’t ask for much, but if you’re going to spend some money on yourself you also want to make good use of whatever that souvenir happens to be.


That’s exactly why we’ve paired you with a water bottle. They come in so many different designs and characters can be found on them to fit almost any personality BUT, you’re still able to use them for months, maybe even years to come. It just makes sense!

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It’s those little moments in time for you that matter most and we’ve found just the souvenir for you!

Silhouette Cart in Magic Kingdom

Take some time out of your day to stop and see the cast members at the silhouette stands and check out their photos. They cut black and white photos to match your profile and can even cut photos with multiple people and frames around them. Yeah, this is one souvenir that will hit you right in the feels.


You’re probably the one running around trying to snap those photos of everyone enjoying themselves and missing out on the moments (and being in the photos) yourself.


We’re recommending the Memory Maker package to you for your souvenir. This will allow you to be in the photos with everyone you hold near and dear while also getting some great shots around the park, with characters and fun overlays or “magic shots”, and ride action photos all taken by photo pass photographers. Leave that job to them while you soak in all the time you have together!

Would you agree with these souvenir picks? Be sure to stay tuned to All Ears for more Disney fun!

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