A Disney Attraction Has Permanently CLOSED

We must remind you about a sad thing happening in Disney California Adventure.

California Adventure

It’s unfortunate when we have to remind you that an attraction is closing down for good, but it just means Disney is making room for something new. And as of December 10th, that is the case.

Beast’s Library, an interactive experience in the Sorcerer’s Workshop at Disney California Adventure, permanently closed its books for the last time on December 10th, 2023.

Beast’s Library

Beast’s Library was a fun experience that is usually overlooked because of all the thrill and adventure attractions at California Adventure. It’s a place where you can use an enchanted book to discover which Disney character you’re most like.

But as of December 10th, it will be closed to make room for Disney’s Imagination Campus, an educational program created in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering.


Disney had previously stated, “Our plan is for Imagination Campus to use the Beast’s Library space moving forward and the final day for guests to experience Beast’s Library will be Dec. 10.”

Physics in Imagineering ©Disney

The Imagination Campus program hosts workshops to teach students how to use their imagination and creativity to tackle challenges. Disney theme parks are full of science, engineering, art, and many other concepts. And now, they will use that to teach kids all while having fun!

Teachers at Imagination Campus in Disney World ©Disney

While we’re always sad to see an attraction close, the replacement will be a great opportunity for many students!

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Did you ever find out which character you’re most like Beast’s Library? Let us know in the comments!

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