This Small but Important Disneyland CHANGE Has Us a Little Emotional

Like it or not, change is something that needs to happen, even in Disneyland. In fact, it’s what Walt always wanted.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Some changes mean that classic rides get re-themed into new ones. Sometimes, entire new lands get added to parks. Sometimes, new characters come out to greet guests. However, one NEW change could make us all a little sad because it could change our entire Disneyland experience.

Okay, so the minute you walk into Disneyland or Disney California Adventure, there are two very specific voices you’ll hear throughout the day. These voices announce morning rope drop and closing announcements, as well as other announcements like parade and fireworks cancelations due to weather. Well, those voices will soon change.

Disneyland Main Street, U.S.A.

The current voices of Disneyland and California Adventure are the husband-and-wife team of Bill Rogers (who makes the Disneyland announcements) and Camille Dixon (who makes the California Adventure announcements). According to The Orange County Register, the two will no longer be recording any new park announcements.

The voices of Disneyland are changing

Rogers was the voice of Disneyland for a whopping 32 years, while Dixon has been at the job in California Adventure for 11 years. However, Disneyland has decided to hire new voices for park announcements now that contract renewals for voice talent are coming up soon.

According to Disneyland officials, Disneyland did express its thanks and gratitude to both Rogers and Dixon for being the voice of the parks throughout the years.


You may hear Rogers and Dixon on some park recordings from time to time, though, especially as Disney transitions to new announcers.

So, if you start hearing NEW voices in Disneyland, you’ll know why. Be sure to check back with AllEars again soon for more Disney news.

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Will you be sad to hear different voices at Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments. 

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