WHAT Is Going on With Genie+ Pricing in Disney World Right Now?

Disney offers many tools to help you plan your family vacation.

Magic Kingdom

You’ll find plenty of ways to make your trip as magical as it can be before you even step foot into the parks. And once you’re finally there, Disney continues to offer services to keep you having fun. One of those services offered by Disney is the Genie and Genie+ services. By now, you’re probably very familiar with these services, but we recently noticed something that we wanted to let you in on.

Let’s begin with a brief overview of the Genie services on the My Disney Experience App. Genie is a free personal day planner that offers recommendations specially selected for you based on your preferences.

Disney Genie

Genie+, however, is a paid service that then lets you make Lightning Lane selections as you go through your day (Individual Lightning Lanes must be purchased separately). Genie+ also comes with other perks like photo downloads from attractions on the days you purchased the service.


So how much does Genie+ cost? Well, that depends on the day and the park you want to visit. Disney offers a multi-park option and then an option to purchase Genie+ for each park individually. We had noticed in the past that the multi-park option generally mirrors the price of Magic Kingdom because it is the most expensive park to purchase Genie+ for.


We thought we were on to Disney’s price patterns. Usually, when the multi-park/Magic Kingdom option is $27 then EPCOT is $18, Hollywood Studios is $24, and Animal Kingdom is $16. We were sure this was the normal and expected price schedule that Genie+ followed. We thought there was a pattern based on the Magic Kingdom price. But we have been proven wrong!

Pricing on June 27th ©Disney

We have realized that this is not always the case. For example, the other day Magic Kingdom/multi-park Genie+ was $27, but EPCOT was $18, Hollywood Studios was $22, and Animal Kingdom was $16. After noticing this, and previous variations, it’s important to remember that Genie+ doesn’t follow a pattern based on the other parks’ prices.

More than likely it has to do with the demand for that park on that day.


If you like to ride the rides but not stand in the lines, then you may want to consider Genie+ or some other technique for beating the crowds. Genie+ can be a great option, but remember the prices vary each day and don’t always follow a pattern. Hopefully, this helps on your next trip to Disney!

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