3 Things That Are Required Eating in Toy Story Land at Disney World

We love Disney for many things, but we are constantly thinking about the snacks!

Toy Story Land

There are great choices when it comes to snacks in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and while we love to grab a Ronto Wrap, Toy Story Land hosts one of our favorite quick-service restaurants in the park.

We recommend making a stop at Woody’s Lunch Box. It is open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner,  and is home to some of our favorite snacks! This is the only quick service restaurant in the land, with Roundup Rodeo BBQ as the sit down option, so all of our snacks listed below are from there. Next time you are in Hollywood Studios we have three recommendations for quick bites you should not skip out on!

Lunch Box Tarts

The homemade pop-tart clone is a great staple for any time throughout the day.

A classic favorite, Raspberry Lunch Box Tart

Woody’s usually serves up multiple flavors of the Lunch Box Tart, but we have really enjoyed the Rasberry Lunch Box Tart with the tart raspberry filling and sweet strawberry frosting and were impressed by the seasonal tart,  which was a Sweet Potato Lunch Box Tart, tasting like Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole. You really can’t go wrong no matter what flavors they’re serving!

Raspberry marmalade filling

These snacks are covered in a complimentary fondant and sprinkles and are reasonably priced snacks at $4.49. This hand-held pastry is a great grab-and-go sweet that will keep you fueled up and ready to hit the rides!


Tater tot nachos? You really can not get any better than that!

A hardy snack of Totchos

Totchos ($9.99) are hearty bowls of “Potato Barrels” covered in beef and bean chili, and queso to make a savory matching.  The dish is rounded off with with tomato, corn chips, and melted cheese, and topped with a cooling dollop of sour cream and green onions.

The Southern Spin on Breakfast Totchos

There are multiple versions of the Totchos, including the Breakfast Bowl ($8.79), with Brisket, eggs, and sausage gravy.  For those who are on a more restrictive diet, they also serve up a plant-based version ($9.99) with plant-based chili and cheese that we could have been tricked into thinking was the real deal!

Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich 

Filled with three types of cheeses, Cheddar, American, and Provolone, this sourdough sandwich is a picky-eater-approved meal for young and old.

The ultimate comfort dish

The Grilled Three-Cheese Sandwich comes with a side of either Potato Barrels, a Cuties® Mandarin, or our recommendation, of the Totamto Basil-Soup Dipper for $9.99.  As the weather cools down, the pairing of the creamy cheese and tomato soup is sure to keep you warm and fill your stomach.

Plant-Based Grilled Cheese

They also offer a plant-based option featuring melted “Cheddar” and plant-based sourdough that is creamy and buttery.

Meal time!

Those are some of the must-have snacks at Toy Story Land and we think it is the perfect place to fuel up to ensure you get the highest score at Toy Story Mania. Note that Woody’s Lunch Box has Mobile Order and we highly recommend using that to order here. It’s a popular spot so why wait in line when you don’t have to?

Woody's Lunch Box Restaurant

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