The Unspoken Rules About Disney World Hotel Food Courts

Disney World has many hotels, and all of them have different dining options.

Everything Pop Food Court

The resort’s value hotels have food courts as their main restaurants. These are large counter-service restaurants that serve a variety of different foods and are usually themed to the hotel as a whole. If you find yourself eating at one of these food courts, here are the unspoken rules you need to know.

The Faster You Accept The Food Isn’t Going To Be Great, The Better

Listen, we’re not saying the food at food courts is bad, but it’s definitely not the best you can get on Disney property.

End Zone Food Court offerings

Many moderate and deluxe Disney hotels have fantastic dining options (and you don’t need to be staying at the hotels to dine at any restaurant), but the quality of the food at the food courts matches the value price you’re paying. In a nutshell: The food will be decent, but it won’t be great.

The Cupcakes Usually Aren’t Worth It

Seriously, PLEASE don’t waste your money on those generic Disney cupcakes you find at the hotel food courts.

World Premiere Food Court Cupcake

There are occasionally some exciting, truly delicious desserts you can find at these spots, but 9 times out of 10, they’re not the cupcakes. And this really goes for any of the generic Disney cupcakes you find around the whole property — don’t waste your money unless you want something REALLY basic.

Sometimes It’s Better To Bring Stuff Back From The Parks

If you know you’ll be craving some delicious snacks when you’re back at your hotel room later that night, we suggest bringing some Tupperware containers or plastic bags into the park with you to take those snacks to go.

Landscape of Flavors Food Court

We also recommend making sure you have snacks back in your hotel room that you’ve Instacarted to your hotel room, but keeping the Disney magic going with snacks from the parks works, too. Sometimes what the food court has to offer just won’t cut it.

They’re Not Open As Late As You’d Like

If you’re getting back from the parks super late every night, it’s very important for you to know that these food courts aren’t open late at night. Many of them shut down for around 11PM.

Everything POP! Food Court

That may seem pretty late, but if you’ve stayed in the park until closing time and still have to take transportation, you may miss your opportunity to eat, and then you’re out of options at your hotel. So plan ahead, and make sure you have those snacks in your room!

There’s Usually Something On The Menu For Everyone

However, on the bright side, since the menus at these locations are so vast, there’s usually at least one thing on the menu everyone in your party will like.

All Star Movies Food Court Spread

These food courts often have sandwiches, pizzas, salads, burgers, and more. However, if you’ve got some adventurous eaters in your group, or people who are accustomed to more finer dining, they may despise this, so warn them ahead of time!

It’s a Public Food Court, Not Your Kitchen At Home

Alright, we know you’re on vacation and you’re relaxing, but you’re in a public place here, not in the privacy of your home. So it’s important to remember that when you head to eat at the restaurant, even if you’ve just woken up.

World Premiere Food Court

Going in your pajamas is totally fine by us, but make sure what you’re wearing is appropriate for the families around you to see you in. And be sure to be kind to Cast Members and throw away your trash! Even if you’re not a morning person, it’s important to be respectful and clean up after yourself.

End Zone Food Court Cookie (yes, that’s a cookie!)

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