Everyone Is Bringing These Bags to Disney World…And You Should Too!

If you’re hoping to visit Disney World with all of your necessities tucked into the tiny pockets of your shorts, you might have a REALLY tough trip.

You need somewhere to put your rain gear!

Don’t believe us? Well, will your pockets fit your water bottle, your wallet, your over-the-counter medicine (like Aspirin), your phone charger, your phone, your sunglasses, your raincoat — okay, you get where we’re going with this. Packing those essentials in a great bag can be critical to making your Disney trip WAY less stressful, but what bags are best? Well, we reached out to all of you — our fabulous readers on Facebook — and you responded with some great answers!

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Here’s a look at some of the bags you all are bringing to Disney World. These could be awesome options to pick up NOW, ahead of your next vacation, so you can make sure you’ve got everything you need in a convenient place.

A Loungefly Bag

The number one answer we got was (perhaps unsurprisingly) a Loungefly Bag!

Wall of Loungefly Bags

These are INCREDIBLY popular bags with theming to all kinds of Disney things, including Halloween designs that could be perfect for the fall season!

©Entertainment Earth

Some of our readers say they use their Loungefly bags to match their park outfits, and others say the size of the standard mini backpack is just perfect for what they need to bring into the parks.

Check out one of the most recent Halloween Loungefly bags, the Minnie Mouse Spider Glow-in-the-Dark Mini-Backpack, here!

We’ve shared news about all kinds of Loungefly bags, so check out those links below and pick up the Loungefly of your choice.

KAVU Sling Bags

Many of our readers also said that they love the KAVU Sling Bags!


Our readers said that they love how comfortable these bags are, how they come in many different patterns, and how much they can fit.


These bags are made from a cotton canvas material and have two main pockets, and other pockets to help you store things like phones and wallets. Plus, the rope straps are meant to be sturdy but not bulky.

Check out KAVU bags on Amazon right here!

Vera Bradley Crossbody Bag

Plenty of our readers also said that they love Vera Bradley bags, specifically Vera Bradley Crossbody Bags. The crossbody bags seem to be popular because people feel they’re made of quality materials and hold up well.

©Vera Bradley

Plus, they can feature fun Disney designs, fit a decent amount of items, and can be machine washed — making them SUPER easy to clean after a vacation.

Note that there are different types of crossbody options from Vera Bradley, including a hipster design

©Vera Bradley

small crossbody option

©Vera Bradley

a bucket crossbody, more.

©Vera Bradley

These are different sizes and come with different numbers of pockets, different benefits, etc. so just keep that in mind when making your purchase!

Shop ALL Disney Vera Bradley Bags here!

Drawstring Bag

Another item our readers said they use is a simple, yet efficient Drawstring Bag! Drawstring bags are a simpler way to go but can be very efficient. They’re often one of the most cost-conscious options too.


Just keep in mind that because these typically have a single large pocket, you may have to dig around more for your stuff. And you’ll want to make sure nothing small falls out of the top (using smaller bags within can help with that). But still, they’re a cheap and useful option.

Check out the Mickey Mouse Drawstring Backpack 2-Pack on Amazon right here!

And those are the bags YOU all said were your favorites for the parks? Looking for the best outfits to match them with? Check out AllEars Style!

We’ve got outfit designs there to help you make the most of every look. Plus, we’ve got ideas themed to the parks, movies, characters, and more.

Stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news!

Check out the ultimate Disney World packing list here!

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Which bag is your favorite to use in the parks? Tell us below!

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