This Is NOT What We Expected to See in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Today!

We’ve all been there — you get to Disney World for vacation and nothing goes to plan.

Hollywood Studios

Bad weather hits, rides are closed for technical difficulties, and restaurants are closed for refurbishment. Unexpected things happen all of the time in Disney World…but they aren’t all bad! There are actually many unexpected things that make your trip 1000x better — just like this character experience we ran into recently!

We were walking around Disney’s Hollywood Studios when we saw something unique — the doors near Tower of Terror and Fantasmic! were open. At second glance we realized that there were a ton of characters greeting guests back here!

We got to meet characters like Mickey

The mouse himself!



…and Chip and Dale

The perfect duo

…but there were also lots of rare characters like Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh!

Long time, no see!

We also met Rafiki from The Lion King — this is another character you don’t see too often!

High five!

We’ve seen groups of characters like this before in other parks, but we haven’t run into one in this area before. Keep your eyes peeled in Disney World because you never know who you’ll run into!

I Thought I Knew Everything About Meeting Characters in Disney World. I Was Wrong.

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Have you ever had an experience like this at Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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One Reply to “This Is NOT What We Expected to See in Disney’s Hollywood Studios Today!”

  1. CharacterPalooza is Back????
    Haven’t seen or heard about this since the pandemic. Was a regular feature (weather permitting) for years either in this space or to the far left out at the main gate.