Even the Virtual Queue Won’t Save You From a Long Wait on TRON in Disney World

After a long wait, TRON Lightcycle / Run is finally here.

SO cool at night

We’ve stood, amazed, under the lit-up canopy at night and joined team blue on this thrilling coaster. Currently, this ride operates with a Virtual Queue system as well as with Individual Lightning Lanes. If you do manage to snag a free Virtual Queue for this ride, you might be thinking you are set up for a stress-free experience. But, is it that simple? Not exactly.

First things first, what is a Virtual Queue? At 7 AM and 1 PM every day, guests have the opportunity to try to snag a Virtual Queue (VQ) on the My Disney Experience app — the only way to ride TRON for free. This system means there is no standby line, and if you do get one (they can go very fast) you will get a call-back time to ride.

TRON Lightcycle / Run

Theoretically, this means that you will get on the ride faster once you’ve been called since you’re not actually waiting in a standby line. However, that’s not necessarily how it plays out. We’ve noticed quite a long line just to scan in for our VQ slot. This can be a big setback if you’re not planning on it because Disney has been pretty strict with guests making their windows on time in order to ride.

Virtual Queue

But, that’s not the only line you have to account for. Once you get scanned in, you might have to wait longer than you anticipated to get on the ride itself. Especially if your callback is later in the day, the line to get on the coaster can be pretty long. Typically, we’ve waited around an hour to ride (including the time it takes to scan in).

LONG lines

We’ve had better luck when we had a callback time that was earlier in the day, so it might benefit you to try for an earlier spot by getting one at the 7 AM distribution. Alternatively, you could purchase an Individual Lightning Lane (ILL) if you would prefer not to risk it. This would also allow you to choose which time slot makes the most sense for your day (depending on what’s available).

TRON Lightning Lane

So, keep this in mind when trying to decide how to plan out your day in Magic Kingdom. If you’re on a tight schedule, you might need to grab an Individual Lightning Lane (which has been $20 per person each day since the ride opened) to make this coaster make sense.

TRON Lightcycle / Run

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One Reply to “Even the Virtual Queue Won’t Save You From a Long Wait on TRON in Disney World”

  1. We were there yesterday. We got called back an hour earlier than originally estimated and we were pumped. We left the kids with Grandma and thought we’d be right back. The line was incredibly long but the cast member kept telling us an hour. The line was so long we missed our scan in time. Then they said it would be 45 min. We felt like they were running faster and we were hopeful and angrily invested. Over 2 hours later we walked off. We missed those precious last few hours of the day with our kids, the fireworks, and our shuttle. I wish they wouldn’t have called us back so early and lied to us every time we asked on wait times. If they had them posted we never would have agreed to it. It feels like it ruined an almost otherwise perfect day at Disney.