7 Obscure Quotes Disney Adults Keep Using in Everyday Life

Being a Disney Adult isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

Cinderella Castle

If you’ve been a Disney fan for a few years or more, you’ll understand the dedication. Frequent trips to the theme parks, hours spent watching Disney+, countless movie tickets purchased, and more merch than you know what to do with. But one thing that sets a Disney fan apart? The unusual language we use!

We’ve talked about Disney acronyms and sayings in the past, but what about the Disney QUOTES? With countless movies, shows, and ride preshows to choose from, there is so much quotable Disney material out there. Recently, we reached out to our readers and asked on Facebook “What’s an obscure Disney quote that you use in your daily life?”

What’s an obscure Disney quote that you use in your daily life?

Posted by AllEars.Net on Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Our readers had plenty of answers, and we’ve rounded up some of the most common…along with some of our favorites!

Just Keep Swimming

To start, we’ve got a classic quote from Finding Nemo. Dory’s iconic line was one of the most popular answers for our readers, and we honestly can’t blame them! It’s pretty easy to fit into everyday life, and it’s nice and encouraging for those difficult days.


Bonus points if you use this quote and sing her little song to go along with it!

Let It Go

Maybe THE most popular answer on the list comes from what might’ve been Disney’s catchiest song ever — “Let It Go.” This Frozen quote can be sung or worked into most conversations. (Don’t ask us how we know. 😉)


This one is pretty hard to recognize as a Disney quote UNLESS you sing it, so we definitely recommend that course of action. (And besides, what Disney fan doesn’t love randomly bursting into song?!)

There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

And speaking of randomly bursting into song, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” sounds like an excellent choice. Many of our readers shared this optimistic quote from Carousel of Progress as one of their favorites.

Carousel of Progress

It would be a great farewell at the end of a conversation or a nice encouragement to a friend who’s having a bad day, so we definitely approve. And as Carousel of Progress was one of the attractions Walt Disney oversaw the creation of, we think it’s rather fitting for a Disney fan.

Nice Work Pal

Did you really think we could make it through this list without mentioning Patrick Warburton’s iconic Soarin’ preshow? This line is said to one of the “younger aviators” during the safety briefing, and any EPCOT fan will definitely get your reference.

Soarin’ pre-show

And if you’re feeling spontaneous, you could also drop in a reference to “these little beauties.” It really seals the deal on the whole thing!

I Never Look Back, Darling, It Distracts From the Now

A good motto for life comes from Edna Mode from The Incredibles when she says, “I never look back darling, it distracts from the now.” The fashion queen gives the best advice, you guys.

SO fabulous!

Many of our readers said that this one was a favorite quote to use, and we’re on board! We also like many of her other snappy retorts, although we think we’ll refrain from whacking Elastigirl over the head with a newspaper, thank you very much.

Practically Perfect in Every Way

The words that were originally used to describe Mary Poppins can also be used in everyday life, according to our readers. We just imagine someone using it to describe a delicious meal or a fantastic day in Disney World.

Mary Poppins

And don’t worry — you don’t have to have your British accent perfected to try this one on for size. People will definitely get the reference since Mary Poppins is absolutely iconic!

Of Course, There’s Always My Way

And finally, we have a rather menacing quote from Haunted Mansion, when the ghost host says “Of course, there’s always my way” in the stretching room. We prefer this one when it’s immediately followed by an evil laugh.

Stretch Room at the Haunted Mansion

So there you go — some of our readers’ favorite quotes from Disney movies, rides, and shows. Which quotes do you use in your daily life?

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Which Disney quote is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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10 Replies to “7 Obscure Quotes Disney Adults Keep Using in Everyday Life”

  1. “Not yet Olaf” is one I use at least twice a day to my impatient gsd puppy(who’s name is actually Loki) lol. My other favorite is “You uncultured swine” which almost nobody gets.

  2. 5 years ago, my family and I got stuck on Carousel of Progress when a family kept trying to get up and leave (apparently not realizing the audience were the ones moving, not the stage!) We had to watch the last scene three times in a row! We laugh about it now and quote “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…” to this day (and had that slogan printed on t-shirts for last year’s trip!)

    1. Our family’s reference to this is “ Not our Dino “ . It’s surprising how often it fits seamlessly into conversation !!

  3. “Not today Zurg” is a great one, especially when used on those sales reps in stores when your trying to shop and they want to stop and sell you a new phone or cable plan!