Jude Law Driving an Ice Cream Truck is NOT the Disney News We Expected to Read Today

Whether you prefer Mickey Bars or Mickey’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, ice cream is a pretty good way to brighten one’s day.

Ice cream!

While you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this sweet treat, kids do typically “scream for ice cream” now and then. So, what do you do when you play a vicious character in a Disney film and you’re trying to get back in the child actors’ good graces? Give them ice cream, of course.

Peter Pan & Wendy, the latest live-action remake that is streaming now on Disney+, stars Jude Law as Captain Hook. According to Variety, in order to get the kids on set to really fear the villainous pirate and sell it on screen, Law stayed in character even when not filming.


“So I just stayed as Hook the whole time, which was an opportunity just to be really scary and mean,” said Law. Fortunately, it worked, but the actor didn’t want the kids to keep thinking of him that way forever!


So, he concocted a plan to change their perception of him after filming had wrapped up. “I did what every adult should do to bribe children. I hired an ice cream van and I drove it on-site and gave out ice cream. Nothing like chocolate ice cream to persuade a child you’re alright,” said Law. Check out the trailer for this new film below.

You can see for yourself how his method acting translated to the screen on Disney+ now. Stay tuned to AllEars for more!

Watch an inside look at this film here.

Have you watched Peter Pan & Wendy on Disney+ yet? Let us know your thought in the comments below!

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