I Go To Disney World Every Day – Here Are 4 Things I Wear That Make It Bearable

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I love Disney World but it’s undeniable that there are downsides here.

Magic Kingdom!

Disney World is such an exciting place to be right now! From brand new exciting rides opening, to new restaurants and upcoming character meet and greets, there is so much going on. However, there’s no denying it can be a tough place in the summer time, so here are 4 things that make Disney World bearable.

Between the record-breaking high temperatures, traditional springtime rainfall, long lines, and more, Disney World isn’t necessarily the most relaxing place in the world, especially if it’s your first time. These things can make your Disney World vacation unbearable if you aren’t prepared.

I go to Disney World every day!

Luckily, I go to Disney World every day, and these four items make it bearable for me! First is a Personal Mini Fan that will help keep you cute and cool.


These fans are not only super helpful in the parks, but they are even Disney-themed! A fan is a necessity for me to help keep heat misery away. You can grab a two-pack here.

Get Your Own Personal Mini Fan Here

The second thing that helps me make Disney World bearable is my favorite water bottle. This Corkcicle Marvel Loki Travel Water Bottle has saved me so many times in the parks.


This bottle keeps ice for so long, and I don’t find it too bulky like other water bottles I’ve used in the past. I personally own the Loki version but there is an entire Marvel line. 

Get Your Own Corkcicle Marvel Loki Travel Water Bottle Here

The third item that helps makes the parks bearable is a Waterproof Rain Coat Poncho with Hood! Personally, I dislike the ponchos you can buy in Disney World due to how flimsy they are. 


I like something that’s a bit more sturdy and has more length. Plus I prefer something I know I can reuse often!

Grab Your Own Waterproof Rain Coat Poncho With A Hood Here

Finally, this Solar Charger Power Bank makes the Disney parks bearable for me! When it’s crowded and hot, I like to know what my plan is so I’m not just chilling in the sun.


Being able to use my phone consistently throughout the day means that I can check wait times, order my food, and skip the lines. Having this portable charger makes it possible for me to use my phone without worrying it’ll die.

Grab Your Own Solar Charger Power Bank Here

Overall, these four items truly help improve my days at Disney World. Without them, I know that my days would be significantly harder and a bit more unbearable.

Also, friends make Disney World much more fun and bearable!

If you want to make sure your Disney World days are magical and fun (not just bearable) be sure to keep following AllEars for all of our best Disney World tips and tricks!

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2 Replies to “I Go To Disney World Every Day – Here Are 4 Things I Wear That Make It Bearable”

  1. I appreciate that y’all probably make money off affiliate sales – but I watch your videos All. The. Time. I’ve seen you in your rain gear and I’ve seen you with your water bottles and stuck in the sweaty heat with no breeze. You don’t use these products. I’ve never once seen a shot that included any of them. Unless you all just started to yesterday. Perhaps start endorsing the products that you actually use – instead of making money off whatever Amazon feels like pushing for profit.

    1. Hi Becky! We do actually use the products listed here. Please keep in mind that the team members that you see in our YouTube videos are not the entire team. We have reporters and writers in the parks every single day as well and when we make these lists everyone on the team gives their input on what their favorite items are and we narrow the list down to the most popular among the whole team. In fact, I personally own two of the items, the Corkcicle, and the solar charger and I take them with me every time. Others have the raincoat and the personal fan. We chat with each other frequently and often give each other suggestions on what our favorite products are and we share them with you. 🙂