DeSantis Says “There’s More to Come” for Reedy Creek, Threatens Legal Action Against Disney

The Reedy Creek Improvement District may officially be in new hands, but the battles between Disney and Florida Governor Ron Desantis seem to be far from over.

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Now that Reedy Creek has a new Board of Supervisors appointed by DeSantis, the Florida Governor has been quick to tout his newfound control over the region. However, Disney made some moves in February that protected some of its power. And now, DeSantis is making some comments in retaliation.

When the Florida governor ended the “corporate kingdom,” Reedy Creek (now called Central Florida Tourism Oversight District) had a shift of power that took away some of Disney’s abilities. But before this shift of powers went into effect, Disney made an agreement with the previous members of the Board that protects Disney’s control over the District for 30 years to come.

©Reedy Creek

According to CNN, in this agreement, the previous board “moved to turn over oversight of development to Disney and gave the company veto authority over any public project in the district.”

Reedy Creek Fire Department

The changes Disney and the previous board made in this agreement prohibit the District from regulating building height and using the Disney name or “fanciful characters such as Mickey Mouse” without Disney’s approval — a move that will last until “21 years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of King Charles III, king of England.”

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But Governor Ron DeSantis is not backing down. In a statement made to a crowd in Smyrna, Georgia. this week, DeSantis claimed that, despite the back-and-forths between Disney and the state, “You ain’t seen nothing yet” and that “there’s more to come in that regard.”

©Orlando Business Journal

In a meeting with the new board on Wednesday, board member Ron Peri stated that with this agreement, “this board loses, for practical purposes, the majority of its ability to do anything beyond maintaining the roads and maintaining basic infrastructure.”

Cinderella Castle

In retaliation, the board has hired legal counsel to look over the agreements and is gearing up to take legal action if necessary. The new board is not taking this change lightly and is doing what it can to regain authority.

We’ll continue to monitor this ever-changing battle between Disney and the state, so stay tuned to AllEars for more.

Read more about the potential Reedy Creek lawsuit here

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What do you think will happen next in this battle between Disney and the state?

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4 Replies to “DeSantis Says “There’s More to Come” for Reedy Creek, Threatens Legal Action Against Disney”

  1. Ron Duhsantis is a complete idiot.He’s alienating blacks,LGQBT. Now he’s going after the biggest hiring company in Florida. All this because he doesn’t like that they went against him. He’s just like Trump. Step on his toes he stomps on you.

  2. Who the heck wants any of desantis’ cronies or any of his narrow, backward viewpoints anywhere, anyhow. Little dic(tator) desantis has psych and ego problems with the worst of them(tRump). Say NO to any of his warped ideas. FL is quickly in a race to the bottom

  3. When Ron DeSantis tells the taxpayers they won’t have to pay for this, he is lying to you. Guess who is paying the legal bills to do no more than get back at someone for not agreeing with DeSantis? There is an expression: “Let it go”. Is it really worth spending a bunch of your tax dollars that could be going toward helping the people of Florida so DeSantis can say “I win “? We all get our feelings hurt. And someone says something I don’t like like every day. And I don’t try to punish them for it.