I Got Pick-Pocketed at Disney Springs. I Wasn’t Happy With What Happened Next.

Just because Disney World is known as The Most Magical Place on Earth doesn’t mean things can’t still go wrong.

Disney Springs on a sunny day

Mistakes can be made, accidents can happen, and in worse-case scenarios, you might even need to get the police involved. Unfortunately, this happened to me on a recent trip to Disney Springs — here’s what happened next.

Disney World during the holiday season can be an extra “magical” time — but it’s also known as being one of the busiest times of year to visit the parks and resorts. When Disney World is busy, it can be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all.

Disney Springs

And while the Disney World parks can be busy — taking the chance and visiting Disney Springs during the holiday shopping season requires a lot of patience. People are rushing to cross off the final names on their shopping lists, and with so many folks all around there can be chaos.

Coca Cola Store

Unfortunately, I experienced some of that chaos firsthand when I was pick-pocketed at Disney Springs during the holidays. It happened SO quickly, and then BAM! All of the sudden — wallet GONE. I had my wallet along with my partner’s wallet in my purse, and as we were walking around doing some last-minute shopping, I wasn’t holding it in front of me like I normally would at the mall or Target (rookie mistake!).

It can get busy during the holidays

I made the mistake of thinking that because I was in Disney World, I didn’t need to have my wits about me. But, that wasn’t quite the case. It happened so quickly, I didn’t realize until we were leaving Disney Springs when my partner received a text from the bank asking if we had just spent several hundred dollars at a nearby Target — we hadn’t.

I checked my purse, and sure enough, my partner’s wallet was missing. Mine was present and accounted for, which supports the idea that it was a quick grab. If that wasn’t bad enough, what happened next certainly didn’t make it any better.

It’s festive

Luckily, Disney Springs was still open and we made our way back to Guest Services to report what happened. Since this wasn’t just a case of lost-and-found but a case of actual theft — that meant the actual Sheriff’s Department had to get involved.

But, there were already two deputies there by the time we walked in — there were A LOT of other people at Guest Relations filing similar reports. Apparently, there is an uptick in similar thefts around the holiday season. One deputy even said, “They’re out in full force tonight,” when I went to make a report.

Pretty congested

They gave us two options: we could give a statement in person right then with the deputies present, or they’d provide us with an incident number to later file the statement online with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. He said the latter was easier, so we went with that option.

Disney Springs

But before we left, Guest Services Cast Members also had to get information from us to file reports on their end. As far as we know, nothing ever came of that report since Disney never contacted us again about it. We didn’t experience any sort of special extras or Disney magic from Guest Services.

Disney Springs

That brings us to now. Unfortunately, other than confirmation emails after we originally filed the incident report, nothing ever came from the report and we were essentially out of luck. It was helpful to have filed the police report, because we had a paper trail to provide the credit card companies and banks when we needed to cancel the cards and prove they were stolen.

My partner was also able to replace his ID easily thanks to the documentation.

Disney Springs

While Disney World is generally a safe place — it’s still important to have your wits about you any time you’re in a public space. If something like this ever happens to you, make sure you head to Guest Relations as soon as you realize something is amiss — they can help you out or lead you to the proper people who can.

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Has anything like this ever happened to you in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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11 Replies to “I Got Pick-Pocketed at Disney Springs. I Wasn’t Happy With What Happened Next.”

  1. I have been on Facebook warning people about pick pockets from Disneyland and Disneyworld. According to the Anaheim police they have been targeting the old folks, disabled and vulnerable people. Two girls followed us through the park and when we left my ex who is disabled alone to run in to the Mexican restaurant to grab out pre ordered meal we walked out to a one if the women we seen several times full body pressed aginst my ex who was sitting down. When we walked up to the table she freaked out and ran to another woman at another table. When we took their photo and asked for security they confirmed these women have been targeting people. Im like and what are you doing about it. They plain out said nothing. So I have been warning people to never leave your older, disabled family, friends alone.

  2. I got to be the opposite of a theif this last week at DW when in the Magic Shop with my niece and I saw a woman’s purse come out from under her stroller as she was walking out and she had no clue I grabbed it and chased her out of the store to make sure she got it back! I hate to think of how she’d feel if she’d went looking for it and it wasn’t there, even if it was safe and sound with a cast member, let alone if someone with unkind intentions had grabbed it!

  3. Unfortunately you have become a victim of theft. The fact that you have not received any follow-up contact just means nothing new to report to you. Disneyis not liable to give you anything. If they did, it would cost the corporation unknown amounts annually. If you do it for one, you do it for all. Disney prices are high enough as is, we don’t need to give them a reason for more price hikes. Also, unless the stores where the cards were used has a good video security system the chances are slim they will get a suspect. The cards can be used online with drop points for the merchandise nowhere near to the suspect’s residence.

  4. I was pick-pocketed at Disney Springs the Sunday after Thanksgiving at 3:30 in the afternoon. Another lady had her wallet stolen at 4:00. The sheriff’s department said it goes on all the time. What a way to start your vacation. Besides credit cards they got my brand new cell phone. Can you imagine doing Disney without your cell for 2 weeks? I have heard nothing regarding this incident.

  5. Yes! Years ago on my first solo trip, I was at Wilderness Lodge when i put down my buddy pack to tie my shoe. A cast member picked it up and kept it. Orange county was involved and, just like you, nothing came of it. I did get a voucher for Roaring Forks and a ride back to Old Key West.
    Disney did better by me by replacing my AP, newly renewed Tables in Wonderland, and reimbursing me for Mickey’s Halloween party ticket.

  6. Not monetary/wallet related from WDW, but we were the victims of magnet theft a few years ago (pre-pandemic) on the Disney Fantasy. I reported it stolen to Guest Services, and not expecting anything to come from it or to get it back, we went about our cruise. One day coming back to our stateroom we were gifted a magnet from Disney. It really solidified why we only cruise on DCL.

  7. Just had mine lifted in Paris France. Called banks right away. 1 bank froze account immediately, 1 bank would not/could not verify me and kept acct open. $4000 and 6 hours later they froze acct. Luck that we were reimbursed and able to fly out as passports were not stolen. Be careful out there people!

    1. Honestly really arrogant you expect Disney to get back to you or give you magical extras in this scenario. Disney did nothing wrong. They assisted you in filing a report with the proper authorities. Crime happens. They try to avoid it, but Disney Springs is more of an open air mall than one of their parks. It is open to the public, no ticketing required. If you get pickpocketed at a Simon Mall do they give you a free gift card? Didn’t think so. It’s unfortunate. Sorry it happened to you, but you shouldn’t expect the landlord at a shopping center to be doing extra favors for a customer that gets a wallet lifted by a criminal.

    2. You werent happy with what happened? What exactly did you think they would do, arrest all of Orlando and give people body cavity searches till they found your card? From your own story it seems like dealing with the problem was quick and painless and you weren’t out anything, so what’s the beef?

      1. Agree with above posters. The only real justice would be finding the person that did it, and that’s next to impossible. It’s not like a ride down and a free fast pass. I honestly feel like so many people started expecting the Disney magic instead of randomly experiencing it, that Disney couldn’t keep up and just stopped altogether. Shame on you for probably expecting Disney would hand you free merch due to a criminal in a basically public space.