What NOT to Wear to Disney World

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When you’re planning your Disney World trip, we’re sure one of the last things you think about is what you’re going to wear. But, it is pretty important!

What do you like to wear to the parks?

Whether you like to get dressed up or keep it super casual for the parks, there are things that you definitely shouldn’t wear. Of course, there are actual rules to what can and cannot be worn, but we’re talking more about personal experiences that have made us write off certain articles of clothing. So, let’s talk about what NOT to wear to Disney World!

Flip Flops

You might think that flip flops are a good option since you’re in Florida and the weather is usually warm, but you’d be wrong. Flip flops are NOT a good choice when you’re walking miles and miles all day at Disney World!

Flippy floppies

They simply don’t have enough support and your feet will get tired faster. Also, if it rains or they get wet on a water ride, they can become very slippery, which will be a problem when you’re trying to speed walk to your dining reservation.

Flip Flops

Sweat and water while you’re wearing flip flops can also cause blisters if you have them on for too long. Bottom line, flip flops are good to keep as a backup shoe to throw on if you get tired of your other shoes, but not as a primary shoe that you plan on wearing all day long.

SO many flip flops

Instead, we’d suggest going with something like Tevas if you still want some breathability.


These have straps so they’re way more secure, and they have a decent amount of support compared to most flip flops.

Click here to get some Tevas from Amazon!


Jeans do not belong in the Disney World parks, in our opinion. By this we mean jean pants, and a lot of jean shorts. They might be fine if you’re just popping in the parks for a few hours, but if you’re planning on going from rope drop until close, do not wear jeans, friends!

Cute, but not for a park day!

They’re just not comfortable enough for the Florida weather. They don’t breathe and they will make you warmer than you need to be. And, if they get wet, it’s a nightmare.

Opt for jean shorts instead!

Jeans take forever to dry, so getting them wet either from a water ride or a surprise rain shower will NOT be fun, we promise. Wear something flexible, breathable, and comfortable, like athletic wear.

White Shorts

This shouldn’t be surprising, but white shorts are a bad idea in Disney World. First of all, you’ll be sitting on a lot of potentially dirty surfaces, from ride vehicles to benches to tables at a restaurant. These aren’t filthy by any means, but they get some wear and tear that shows up way easier if you’re wearing white.

Opt for darker colors!

The other thing about white shorts is you do NOT want them to get wet, because they could become see-through! Like we said with the jeans, water rides and those surprise rain showers could definitely cause a fashion emergency. Darker colors are better, just to be safe!

Floor-length Skirts or Dresses

Long skirts and dresses might look super cute in photos, but trust us, you do NOT want to wear these all day at Disney World! If they’re too long, you’re probably going to trip over them a few times. Or worse, someone else will step on them when you’re in a crowd!

Make sure your skirt doesn’t come close to the ground!

They also aren’t ideal for going on rides, since different ride vehicles have configurations that aren’t comfortable if you have a skirt or dress on.

We DEFINITELY wouldn’t wear a wedding dress to the parks!

And, if it’s very hot outside, odds are these could make you warmer than you need to be! It’s hard to get a nice breeze if your skirt is all the way down to the ground.

Super Short Skirts or Dresses

On the other side of things, really short skirts and dresses aren’t a good idea either! They’ll definitely be cooler as far as temperature goes, but you might spend all day tugging them down while you’re walking around.

Beware of short skirts!

These can also be tricky when it comes to ride vehicles. Another thing to watch out for is chaffing! If you’re wearing a skirt that doesn’t have shorts underneath, your thighs can rub together and cause painful chaffing in that Florida heat.

This is a good length for comfortability!

But, there are some solutions — like slip shorts!


You can grab a pair of our favorite slip shorts to wear underneath your skirt or dress that will help prevent that chaffing and keep you from worrying about your skirt being too short.

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Another option is an anti-chaffing stick. These are available at places like Target, and sort of look like deodorant, but should help prevent that chaffing from happening!

©Megababe via Target

This is also super easy to toss in your park bag.

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Strapless Tops

Again, so cute, but so not practical for going on rides all day! They can slip down when you throw your hands up on the ride, and you don’t want to accidentally flash anyone. You also might spend the whole day pulling it up if it keeps slipping down.

Go with a tank top instead!

This also applies to other kinds of tops that aren’t super secure, like smaller tops that tie on. In fact, Disney might not even let you into the park with a top like this on, because it’s against the dress code. They will turn you away until you go get another shirt to put on!

High Heels

You walk a LOT in Disney World. Like A LOT A LOT. We’re talking miles here, people. Have you ever walked 10 miles in high heels? It’s not very fun at all. It’s likely that your feet will hurt after a long day in the parks even if you wear your trusty tennis shoes, so don’t speed up the process of pain by wearing uncomfortable shoes!

Only Minnie can get away with heels in the parks!

These parks also were simply not made for high heels. You have to walk up and down steps, step on to ride vehicles (like into slippery boats), and more. Don’t risk spraining your ankle for a cute outfit!

Non-waterproof Makeup

If you wear makeup when you’re at Disney World, make sure it’s waterproof! This is needed for several reasons — water rides, sweating, humidity, rain, and even crying (sad or happy). Yep, our eyes get misty after watching the fireworks, too, and you don’t want to have your mascara running down your face!

Mascara in Disney World

Luckily, the makeup world has a TON of waterproof options to choose from. We have a whole list fro you with some mascaras you can check out! And, you might want to toss in a waterproof bag for your trip so all of your essentials stay dry, too!


This bag is a great option to have in the parks.

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  1. I’ve always wear jean shorts to Disney. Never have been uncomfortable. My husband & I just got back day before Thanksgiving (WDW) and wore the shorts and jeans as well. I wasn’t hot in them even when it was a little warmer in the parks. The only thing was forgetting to bring my arch supports.