The World’s Second Largest Roller Coaster is Closing

A long-time coaster is closing its tracks.

©Cedar Point

While Disney World has been releasing tons of new merchandise, food, and upcoming park perks, another amusement park is shutting down one of its most famous rides.

Over at Cedar Point in Ohio, the amusement park announced today the closure of one of its most famous coasters. In a tweet, Cedar Point confirmed the permanent closure of the Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster.

The tweet which confirms the closure of the coster also confirms that the Cedar Point team is “hard at work, creating a new and reimagined ride experience.” The coaster was the second tallest in the world standing at 420-feet tall.

©Cedar Point

The news comes roughly one year after a metal object flew off of the coaster hitting a woman in the head and injuring her. Although an investigation found that the park had no reason to believe the ride was unsafe, the coaster never reopened. Make sure you’re following All Ears for the latest amusement park news and updates.

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One Reply to “The World’s Second Largest Roller Coaster is Closing”

  1. This is beyond tragic. I saved for 2 years to go to Cedar Point to ride TTD years ago. Finally rode it in the front seat. I returned many years later with a friend and found I had gained too much weight to fit in the seats. This is what started my weight loss journey — specifically to reach my goal weight so that I could ride TTD again. I reached my goal weight this spring and have held off returning to CP because TTD was closed this year…. Now I read it is closing permanently!? This is beyond tragic. It’s horrific… and utterly soul crushing. Thanks for destroying the one thing that inspired my health decisions.