WARNING: Don’t Look At These TERRIFYING Disney Photos After Dark

Disney is SCARY.


Yeah, yeah, we know that the movies are technically supposed to be family-friendly, but sometimes they’re downright frightening. Poisoning, kidnapping, spooky magic, and WAY more dead parents than are necessary for children’s films…need we go on? Well, just in case you need more proof that Disney is spooky, today we’re sharing some images from the films that will probably haunt you in your sleep. Proceed with caution.

Ahh yes, Peter Pan, the lovable flying boy who takes children to a land of wonder? WRONG. Let us introduce you to Peter Pan, the creepy flying shadow with (apparently) massive teeth who kidnaps your children in the night. He looks evil.


We suppose this next one is meant to just be a normal photo of Pinocchio. However, there’s something eerily unsettling about his eyes. Do you feel like he’s staring into your soul? We do. Somehow, I can’t look away. (Help. 😳)


And what would a list of nightmare fuel Disney photos be without a picture of this fiery demon? Say hello to Chernabog, the villain from Disney’s Fantasia. He’s frightening and pointy and after looking at this picture, you’ll perpetually see him in the shadows whenever you’re home alone at night. Good luck with that!


Let’s be honest, Pixar TOTALLY knew what they were doing with this scene from Toy Story 4. As if the Bensons weren’t creepy enough, Pixar had to go ahead and make them chase us while their arms and legs are bending backward at odd angles. This is a scene for a horror movie, NOT a beloved animated franchise for children. *shudders*


And because ONE scary toy wasn’t enough, let’s talk about “Babyface” from the original Toy Story. This is the one that gave us nightmares all the way back in the 90s and now that we’re grown up…it’s still just as disturbing. The one eye, the spider-like legs, the Charlie Brown-like squiggly smile, it’s all too much. Geez, Sid was one evil kid.


Remember how we talked about The Black Cauldron causing nightmares? Well, it’s for good reason! Not only is the Horned King an absolutely terrifying villain, but then he summons his army of the dead. Just look at them…need we say more? *shudders AGAIN*


And finally, we’ve got to mention the “Pink Elephants on Parade” scene from Dumbo. WHERE, pray tell, are their EYES?! They look so evil with those murderous smirks. We’re physically uncomfortable right now.


So there you have it — the weirdest, most frightening, and nightmare-inducing shots from Disney movies. Good luck sleeping tonight! 😂

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