Ok. We’re Confused. We Found HARRY POTTER Merchandise in Disneyland?!

Umm, Disney are you feeling okay?

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

Over in Disneyland, they have been pretty busy with the release of tons of new Halloween merchandise, Minnie ears, and more. Apparently, they’re so busy, that maybe a wizard or two snuck in.

Over in Disney’s California Adventure, our reporters found something weird this week! It turns out Harry Potter is a Disney character! Well, not really but he does have some merchandise in Disneyland right now.

Harry Potter playing cards in California Adventure!

Over at Main Street Magic, we found Harry Potter playing cards and we don’t really know why. There were four different decks of cards each one representing a different Hogwarts House.

The Gryffindor playing deck

While the cards were beautifully intricate with gold detailing, we were still left pretty confused. We guess it does make sense that Main Street Magic would have this magical playing cards set, but we’re still wondering why these cards are in Disneyland in the first place.

disneyl The detailing on the cards makes them very unique

Harry Potter famously resides in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter over in Universal Studios Hollywood in California and Universal Orlando in Florida. While we were excited to see this magical crossover, we can’t help but be a little surprised. Make sure you’re following AllEars to get the latest updates on news and surprises at Disneyland and Walt Disney World!

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Are you surprised to see Harry Potter merchandise in Disneyland? Tell us in the comments! 

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2 Replies to “Ok. We’re Confused. We Found HARRY POTTER Merchandise in Disneyland?!”

  1. Disneyland does not own the magic shop.They are independent shop that why you won’t see disney themed magic trick merchandise.

  2. Those cards from Theory 11 are great quality as I bought a set of them last year off their site! Glad to see they’re making their way into Universal.. err Disney Parks? 😅