AllEars TV: I Paid $500 for TWO HOURS in the Magic Kingdom

Disney World is a magical place — but is it worth it to spend $500 a night for just TWO hours in the Magic Kingdom?!

Main Street, U.S.A. and Cinderella Castle

Molly is headed to the park late-night to enjoy this pricey perk available ONLY to guests staying at Disney’s most expensive hotels. How much can you really get done in Extended Evening Hours? Are they worth the high price tag? Let’s find out!

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Would you pay for a Deluxe Resort just to experience Extended Evening Hours? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “AllEars TV: I Paid $500 for TWO HOURS in the Magic Kingdom”

  1. This is a great perk. However, when you have to book park reservations and dining reservations so far in advance, you roll the dice that you pick days this perk is offered (unless you have a park hopper ticket at an extra cost). I wish this perk was offered every day!

  2. We did this! We paid to stay at Grand Floridian for my daughter’s birthday, which also happened to be on an Extended Evening at MK. We thought it was totally worth it! Low crowds, friendly cast members, it was the most Disney magic we have we had experienced since they reopened.

    We thought it was worth it as AP holders, but we are disappointed we have to pay extra to have a magical experience at Disney World.